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This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Greenius for your convenience! 

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Getting Started

User Information

Using Greenius


Support Overview

Greenius Support Information

Greenius Support is available for all Greenius users as part of your subscription package. The Greenius Team wants to ensure that you are getting the most out of your account and help address any questions you may have. 

Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:00am - 5:00pm EST

Phone (Toll Free): 1-877-482-2323


Live Chat: via the Live Chat link in the Help & Resources tab.


Help & Resources

There are many helpful tools found in the Help & Resources tab. Click on the Help & Resource link in the bottom left of your screen to access our Help Articles, view product updates and access Live Chat assistance from our support team. 


When you click on help & Resources, you will see the below options:



Live Chat 

We offer live chat assistance from the hours of 8am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Click on the Live Chat link to be immediately connected with one of our support representatives. 

Tutorial Library

The Greenius Tutorial Library is a helpful resource, full of quick "how-to" videos on all of the different aspects of the system. The information will be similar to what you find here in the help articles, but in video format. 

Help Articles

The Help Articles are what you are looking at now. This is a vast selection of notes and pictures that review all of the different aspects of Greenius. 

Roadmap & Requests

The Greenius Roadmap & Requests page give you a snapshot of any current updates in the works. You can also submit your own ideas for future system changes by clicking the " + Submit Idea" button in the top left. Use the Under Consideration tab to vote on existing potential ideas. 

System Updates

Click here to view any big updates that have been launched for Greenius. We will also post any newly added courses here as well. 


Steps to Activate your Account

You can now access the Greenius training platform directly through your LMN user account. The below guide provides step by step information for users who would like to activate their Greenius account. 

Step 1: Log in to your LMN account from, using the username and password provided by your implementation specialist. Once you have entered the details, hit the LOGIN button.


Step 2:  Click on the Greenius tab from the navigation panel on the left of your screen.


Step 3: Once you hit the Greenius tab, you will be brought to the “Welcome” screen. If you have an existing Greenius Account, hit “Yes” and proceed, else hit “No” and jump to Step 6


Step 4: Enter your Greenius Username and Password to access your account.


Step 5: The following screen will appear with the name of your account/company. Hit “Yes” and proceed.


Step 6: If you don't already have a Greenius Account, selecting “NO” will bring you to the following screen. Enter your LMN login details. Your account will now be linked to the Greenius platform and the employee details saved in your LMN account will be brought over to Greenius for an easier transition. 


Step 7: Once you have logged into your Greenius Account, you will be taken to the homepage of your Greenius Account.



Post Activation & Confirming Pending Employee Transfer

Once your account is activated, you will receive an email to book you for implementation. Follow the instructions given in the email.

  • During your Kick Off call, you will meet with a member of our Greenius Implementation team to discuss the program and information we need from you to participate. Please ensure anyone who will be participating in your Greenius Implementation joins this call.
  • Full account implementation will take two weeks to ensure all your company and staff details are added into the system based on your needs.
  • Click the link from your email to book your first 30 minutes Implementation Kick Off call.

Review and update your Pending Employees 

The below steps guide you on how you can review and update your employee data transfer from LMN to Greenius.

LMN will automatically transfer your CRM employee data into Greenius. These employees can be found under your Employee Training tab in your Greenius dashboard. Follow the guide to complete your transfer using the Pending Employees tool. 

Step 1: Log in to your Greenius account, either with your username and password or by clicking the Greenius link within your LMN dashboard. From the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard, click on Employee Training, then click Pending Employees.


Step 2: You will now see your list of current employees, as they appear in your LMN profile. Review your employee list and fill in the required data for the Division, Language, Manager and training Due Date fields.


Step 3: All pending employees will by default be assigned to the Jumpstart Training division. The Division includes five courses curated by the Greenius team: 

  • Personal Safety                                                                              
  • General Harassment Training
  • Truck and Trailer Safety 
  • Engine and Fuel Basics
  • WHMIS with GHS (Canada)/ HAZCOM with GHS (US)


  • For best results, ensure you have set up some Divisions and mandated some courses to them before adding these employees. To learn how you can set up Divisions and Mandates through your Account Settings, click here
  • Fill in each employee's Phoneand Email should you have that information. This is not mandatory, but will make sending training instructions to these employees much easier. Alternatively, you can always print them a paper copy of their training instructions and assigned courses after the fact.
  • If there are any employees you do not wish to import to Greenius at this time, click on the red Do Not Import button on the right-hand side. You will not need to fill in any division or contact information for this employee and the system will skip them when importing.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Continue to save your changes. 

Should you decide that you want to import employees from your "Do Not Import" list at a later date, they can be found under the Do Not Import List section, under the Employee Training tab.


You are now set to begin employee training using your Greenius account!


System Manager (Admin) Permissions and Titles

There are four different user types for System Managers within Greenius, each with different levels of permission in the system. Follow this guide to better understand the admin permissions of each type of System Manager, and how to customize your System Manager titles.
Top Admin: A Top Admin can see and do everything in the program (make changes to account settings, deactivate employees, edit Divisions and Mandates, see training records for all staff, etc.) Essentially, this level has full access to the system.
Regional Manager: Used for companies that have multiple regions and then multiple branches in each region - the regional manager would be able to see training data and make changes for ONLY the locations that they're assigned to.  Example: You're a regional manager and can see/do everything in Branches A & B... but not at my location which is Branch C (It helps to keep the dashboards and data sets clean for high level managers - especially when hundreds of employees are involved. A Regional Manager is essentially a "Top Admin" for their region
  • cannot edit checklists or tailgate talks
  • cannot manage branches
  • does not have access to Account settings
  • cannot access billing or manage seat counts.

Branch Manager:Assigned to their specific working Branch (or branches) - This person can only see employees and training records for their branch. They are essentially a "top admin" for their specific branch. 

  • does not have access to the Account Settings tab
  • cannot customize/edit checklists or tailgates OR create new one
  • cannot manage branches
  • cannot access billing or manage seat counts.
Crew Leader: Works at a particular branch and has a certain set employees assigned to them - which is reflected on their Dashboard.  They can only see/have access to those particular employees who are assigned to them. (You assign employees to a manager when you add them to Greenius)
  • does not have access to the Account Settings tab
  • cannot customize/edit checklists or tailgates OR create new one
  • cannot manage branches
This permission level is best used for in-field crew leaders/team leaders/foremen that are going to use the mobile app to complete in-field Checklists & Tailgate Talks with their crews. Keep in mind - you can be a Top Admin at a branch.  
Setting System Manger Titles
To customize the administrative titles of your user types, simply log in to Greenius and click > Account Settings > Edit Account Settings. Then click on Set System Titles.


From here, you are able to override the default Administrative Titles of your System Managers in the text field to the left of each permission level.


Enter your custom user titles for each user type and click Save Changes.
Note: The vast majority of Greenius customers are not branched, or regional accounts so we recomend you leave the second and third access levels be. 90% of our clients will only use Top Admin and Fourth Level / Crew Manager. If you are confused about which permissions to use or have questions about Branched or Regional Accounts, don't hesitate to reach out to us for further clarification. We're always happy to help!

How Do I Add An Employee to Greenius?

Follow this guide to learn how to Add Employees to Greenius Training.

Simply log into Greenius and click Employee Training > Add Single Employee or Add Multiple Employees (note: it is important to setup Divisions and Mandates per to adding Employees).


Add Single Employee

Step 1: Select language English or Spanish and click Save and Continue.

Step 2: Enter in the First/ Last Name of the Employee, Hire Date if available, email, and/ or cell phone.  (Note: email and/ or cell phone is recommended in order to provide Employee with Training ID and Instructions).  Click Save and Continue.


Step 3: Generate Training ID and Save and Continue


Step 4: Assign a Divison and Save and Continue. (Note: Divisions must be set up in Account Settings prior to Adding an employee).


Step 5: Assign a Branch. Save and Continue.

Step 6: Assign a Manager (Note: You have the ability to assign more than one Manager, if applicable).


Step 7: Select Courses.  Based on the Division you have selected and the course you have Mandated from your Account Settings, all required courses will be automatically preselected.  You have the option to select additional courses from here if you so choose, but this is not required.  Scroll down the page to Save and Continue.


Step 8: Set the Training Due Date. Click Save and Continue.

Step 9: Send/ Print Training Instructions. (Note: if you did not enter an email and/ or cell phone, select Print and Handout to provide to the Employee).


Add Multiple Employees 

Follow the same steps as noted above.  (Note: All Employees added with this feature will have the same training and manager).  This can be changed after the fact by an Admin with full permissions.

Adding a Staff List from a Spreadsheet

You can also now add upload an employee list directly from a spreadsheet. One very important note to keep in mind, is that your employees FIRST and LAST names must be separate in two separate columns. For this tool to work properly, it  is best to start with an excel file with the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. You may also want to include a column for their division, manager or training language, but this is not required. See below example. 


The name columns are the most important. If you do not have an email address of a phone number for an employee, you can leave that field blank. Notice in the below image, how I am missing an email address and phone number, highlighted in yellow. This is fine and there will simply be no information pulled over for that field in this example. The most important piece to this tool is to have a columns marked with the appropriated heading labels. 


Once your spreadsheet has been labeled correctly and filled in, you are ready to upload it to Greenius. Click on the Employee Training tab, then click Import Employee List.


Next: Click on Choose File, and select the excel file you have created. Click the Green upload button when ready. 


Next: Greenius will find the columns you have created. You simply need to match the column headings from your spreadsheet to the fields required. And Click


Finally, fill in the due date for your employees training, along with any other addition information you may have missed - and click Save Employee Details at the bottom of the page. 


Congratulations! your employee's have now been entered into Greenius!


How to Deactivate Employees

Follow this guide to learn how to deactivate an employee. This can be helpful if an employee gets laid off, or only works seasonally. When you deactivate an employee, their training ID and all of their training history is retained in the system. This will also free up a paid seat for your account. 

Note: If you are deactivating an employee, but you don't immediately plan on using that Greenius training seat for someone else, or hiring someone to replace them - Make sure you reduce your "Seats Purchased" count from your Subscription Tab, so you aren't paying for a seat that is not in use. 


How to Deactivate an Individual Employee

Step 1: Log in toGreenius and click Employee Training > My Employees


Step 2: Scroll down to find the employee. If you have too many staff to scroll through, you can also search the employees name from the top left of your Greenius dashboard. Click the orange Tasks button to the right of the employee's name. Finally, click Deactivate.


Step 3: Next, click Deactivate Employee. This employee will no longer be able to log in to their training portal, or participate in Tailgate Talks or 15 Minute Reviews. Their records will remain in the system, should you ever need to restore them. 


You have successfully deactivated the employee. If you need to restore them again, you can learn how how to restore employees, here.

How to Deactivate Multiple Employees At Once.

You can now deactivate multiple employees at once using our Mass Actions tool. This is helpful if you have a large number of staff to deactivate at the same time. 

Step 1: Click on the Employee Training tab, at the left side of your dashboard. Then click on Mass Actions


Step 2: Click on the Mass Action Options dropdown menu, and select "Manage Employee Details".


Step 3: On this Manage Employee Details page page, Click on the Mass Action Options dropdown menu once more. Choose "Deactivate Employees".


Step 4: Scroll down and select all staff that you wish to deactivate. Use the filtering options as required. If you only want to deactivate employees from a specific Division, for example, you can use the division filter to sort your employees accordingly. 


Step 5: Once you have selected all of the employees you wish to deactivate, click the green Apply Selected Action" button at the bottom of the page. 


You should see a popup notice that indicates the action was successful. Now that you have successfully deactivated these employees, don't forget to manage your "Purchased Seats from your Subscription tab if you are not going to immediately fill those spots again


Forgot Password - Manager

To retrieve your forgotten password as a Greenius Manager, follow the steps outlined below:

Forgot Password

Step 1: Go to the Manager Sign In on the Greeniuswebsite or mobile app. 


Step 2: Click Forgot Password under where you would enter your log-in credentials. 


Step 3: Fill in your Greenius Username and Email Address under the required fields > Enter

Note: If you do not remember your username, you will have to contact Greenius Support: Greenius - Support


Step 4: Log in to the email account that you have entered in Step 3. From here, you should have an email in your inbox from info@gogreenius.comproviding you with your correct log-in credentials. 


How to Re-Send Employee Training Instructions

Follow this guide to learn how to access and re-send your employees training ID in Greenius Training. This can be helpful if an employee forgets or loses their Training ID. 

Re-Sending Employee Training ID

Step 1: Simply log in to Greenius and click Employee Training > My Employees


Step 2: Scroll down to find the employee and click the orange Tasks bar to the right of the employee's name. You can also find an employee by typing their name into the search bar on the top left of your screen.

From here, you are able to send the employee's Training ID via Email, Text, or provide a Print-Out. 


If you choose Print Training Instructions, you will be re-directed to another window where you can view the Employees Training ID, along with their courses that have been assigned to them. From here, you are able to print the information by clicking the Print icon at the top of the screen. 


If Email Training Instructions or Text Training Instructions is selected, the employee will automatically be sent their Training ID along with the courses that have been assigned to them.

Note: The employee's email and phone number must be entered under their Employee Details in order for this feature to work.

Updating an Employee's Email/Phone Number

If you need to update the employee's email or phone number in order to send them their Training ID, click Edit Employee Details under the Tasks bar. 


From here, you are able to fill in the updated email or phone number. Ensure that you click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen once complete


That's all there is to it! 


How to Restore an Inactive Employee

Follow this guide to learn how to restore an inactive employee. This can be helpful if a deactivated employee has returned to work, as their training data will be seamlessly added back to the platform.

How to Restore Employees

Step 1: Log in to Greenius and click on > Employee Training > Inactive Employees 


Step 2: From here, you will see your list of Inactive Employees. Simply click on the green Activate button next to the employees name. You can also use the search bar at the right to find a specific employee, if needed. 


Step 3: On the next page, click the green Activate Employee button.


You have successfully restored your employee. To learn how to deactivate an employee, click here.


How to View/Edit a Manager's Password

Follow this guide to learn how to View and Edit a System Manager's password in Greenius. A System Manager is anyone who has administrative access to Greenius for assigning training, mandating courses, adding employees or for conducting checklists and tailgate talks in the Greenius App.

This can be helpful if a Manager within your organization:

  • Forgets their username or password and you would like to access their credentials for them
  • Would simply like to change their password

Note: Only a Top Level Manager can view/make these changes. 

Step 1: Step 1: Log in toGreenius and click Systems Managers > Manager Settings


Step 2: From here, you will see a list of all the Greenius Managers within your organization. To view or edit their information, click the Edit button to the right of their name.  


Step 3: At the bottom of the Update Manager screen, you are able to see their Login Information, as well as make changes to their password. 


Step 4: Once you have made the necessary changes, click Continue. You will then be notified that you have successfully updated the manager's information. 



How to Set Up Divisions & Mandates

Follow this guide to learn how to Create Divisions and Mandates in Greenius.

Employee Divisions are the different levels or roles within your business. Creating Divisions and Mandating courses within Greenius is the most important step in setting up your account.

You can create divisions based around the different rolls or job titles for your company, and even split them into levels so you can move your staff through the ranks!

Creating Divisions

Step 1: Simply log in to Greenius and click Account Settings. You can click "Edit Account Settings" or jump straight to your divisions by clicking on Set Training Divisions. 


Make sure you have landed on the Set Training Divisions menu. 


Step 2: Enter Division Name under "Add New Division" field > and Save (Note: It is helpful to assign a language to your division if you have multiple languages within your company) 


Once you click Save, Division Created Successfully should briefly pop up on the screen. 

Mandating Courses To Your Divisions

Step 1: From your Greeniusdashboard, navigate to Account Settings > Set Training Mandates


Step 2: Click Add a New Mandate


Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select an Employee Division you wish to mandates courses to. The  courses you choose here will automatically assign to any employees you add to this division going forward.

Note: You can always go back and change these later!


Step 4: Check off the required courses you wish to mandate to this division from the list of courses below.


Step 5: Click Finish and Create Mandate. Note: As the notice here mentions, a due date in not required unless you are editing or adding new courses to an existing Mandate. When creating a new mandate, you can leave this blank. 


Congratulations! You've set up a new Mandate for your Division in Greenius! Repeat this process as required to mandates courses to the rest of your divisions


Conducting In-Field Checklists with the Greenius App

Field Checklists

Follow this guide to learn about Greenius Checklists and how to conduct them with your staff.

Greenius Checklists are a good way to reinforce learning and ensure accountability with your staff. 

Note: Checklists are attached to an exam.

Step 1: Sign in to theGreenius Mobile App on your phone or tablet and tap> Crew Leaders & Field Supervisors. Note; This is below is how your screen will look when using a tablet, however if you are using mobile phone, you will see essentially the same thing just in slimmer orientation. 


Step 2: Enter your Greenius System Manager username and password to log in

Step 3: Scroll down and tap> Field Checklists


Step 4: Select one employee from your list of Crew Members. You will see how many outstanding checklists you have to complete for your staff in the left hand column. If the employee you are looking for is not listed, you can find them using the company direction link at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you do not have a crew set up, you can learn how to create one here. 


Step 5: From here, you will have access to this staff member's outstanding checklists. Select the Checklist which you would like to complete


Step 6: Here you can add additional employees who have the also completed this course in order to conduct the checklist with more than one employee at the same time. Tap > Select to the left of their name to add them if desired. Adding addition employees is optional. Scroll down and tap > Continue


Step 7: If you accidently added someone to the Checklist who isn't there, or if they suddenly have to leave, you can remove them by tapping the Red Icon to the left of their name. When ready, scroll down and tap > Start Checklist


Step 8: Go through the various checklist points, having your employee demonstrate the required tasks or skills to do. As your employees completes or demonstrates these points to you,  tap the Check Box to the left of each point. When each page is complete, tap> Next. Repeat the same process until you are through all of the points. 

Keep in mind that you can customize any of the points listed, if you do not like the wording or if you have a particular piece of equipment that requires something different than what we have listed. You can also add your own custom points, or delete any of our points completely. Learn how to edit checklists here.



Important Note: if your employee misses a point from this list or doesn't do something correctly - not to worry!  The entire point of completing these checklists is to identify any potential coaching opportunities and prevent accidents, injuries or property damage, before the employee gets into the field on their own. Once you have advised the employee of their error and coached them on the issue, simply check off the item and continue on. 

Step 9: Staff members and the supervisor will be prompted to sign off on an e-signature to confirm that the Checklist has been completed. Sign and tap > I Accept


Step 10: You will then be notified that the Checklist has been complete. From here, you are able to select if you would like to start a new Checklist review. Tap> Yes or No

Congratulations! You've completed a checklist with your employee and officially Safe Certified them on that course!

Don't forget, you can always view a completed pdf of this checklist, which includes both employee and supervisor signatures. Simply locate the employee from your Greenius dashboard and click on the yellow Safe Certified course icon.  You can also view all completed checklists from the orange Tasks button next to each employees name. 


Editing Checklists

Follow this guide to learn how to to make edits to Checklist Names and Checklist Items.

Editing Checklists

Step 1: Log in to your Greenius account and click Checklists > English Checklist Library or Spanish Checklist Library.


Step 2: To edit a specific Checklist in your Checklist Library, click > Edit under the actions column. 


Step 3:  To make edits to the Checklist Name or Checklist Items from within the Checklist, click > Pencil Icon to the right of the Checklist Name or Checklist Item.


To add Checklist Items to the Checklist, click > + to the right of the Item. The new Checklist Item will be added below the Item you have selected.


Step 4: Once the edits have been made, click > Home at the top of the screen to return back to your Greenius Dashboard. The changes will always save automatically, and appear on the Greenius app straight away. 

If you want to learn more about how to conduct your infield checklist using the Greenius App, click here!


Conducting Tailgate Talks with the Greenius App

Follow this guide to learn about Greenius Tailgates and how to conduct them with your staff.

Greenius Tailgate Talks are essentially safety talks that you can do with your employees. Sometimes also called "Toolbox Talks", Tailgate talks can be conducted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Ideally, you should be holding at least one safety meeting per month with your staff.

Our comprehensive library of Tailgate talks provides your supervisors/crew leaders with content on more than 100 topics that will improve your crew’s safety, productivity, and knowledge. It's never a bad idea to pre-plan your safety meetings with the topics you are going to cover each day / week, and post that somewhere for your employees to see. Safety meetings are often neglected during busier season, so planning them out however you can will help keep you on track. 

Note: Although some of the content overlaps, Tailgates are not associated or linked with the courses in Greenius, and can be conducted at any time!

Tailgate Talks

Step 1: Sign in to your Greenius Mobile App and Tap> Crew Leaders & Field Supervisors


Step 2: Enter your Greenius System Manager username and password to log in.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap> Tailgate Talks


Step 5: Select Language (English/Spanish)

Step 6: From here, you will have access to the entire Tailgate talk library. Select the Tailgate which you would like to complete.


Step 7: Add all employees who are present for the Tailgate talk by tapping the Select button to the left of their name. If you you are hosting this Tailgate Talk with employees outside of your crew, you can use the Company Directory link at the bottom of the page to add additional employees to your list for the day. Once you have completed this attendance list, scroll down and tap> Continue


Step 8: If you accidently added someone to the Tailgate talk who isn't there, or if they suddenly have to leave, you can remove them by tapping the Red Icon with the trashcan, to the left of their name. This will remove them from the list so they are not counted as present if they are not there.

Please Note:You cannot add or remove employees from the attendance list after this next step, so ensure your attendance list is correct!

Scroll down and tap> Start Tailgate


Step 9: Once the Tailgate is in progress, you will go through the various talking points with your crew and check them off as you go, by tapping the Check Box to the left of each point. You don't necessarily need to read each line word for word. Think of these Tailgate Talks as being similar to the queue cards you would use to give a presentation in elementary school. These are simply helpful talking points to help you facilitate this safety meeting. 

Remember:All of the points you see here can be customized or edited. You can even add your own points to these existing Tailgates, or upload your own Tailgate Talks from scratch! 

Tap Next. Repeat the same process until you are through all of the talking points.


Step 10: The supervisor will be prompted to sign off, confirming that all employees listed in green were present for this Tailgate Talk. Sign with your finger or a stylus and and tap > I accept.


Step 11: You will then be notified that the Tailgate talk has been complete. From here, you are able to select if you would like to start a new Tailgate. Tap> Yes or No.


Editing Tailgate Talks

Follow this guide to learn how to to make edits to your Greenius Tailgate Talks. You can edit talking points, titles, add your own points, or even create your own Tailgate Talks from scratch!


Editing Tailgate Talks

Step 1: Log in to your Greenius account and click Tailgates > English Tailgate Library or Spanish Tailgate Library


Step 2: To edit a specific Tailgate in your Tailgate Library, click > Edit under the actions column. 


Step 3: To make edits to the Tailgate Name or Talking points from within the Tailgate, click > Pencil Icon to the right of the Tailgate name or Talking point.


  • To add Talking points to the Tailgate, click > + to the right of the Talking point. The new Talking point will be added below the Talking point you have selected. You can also delete a point you don't like by clicking on the trashcan icon to the left of the +mceclip3__1_.png

Step 4: Once the edits have been made, click > Home at the top of the screen to return back to your Greenius Dashboard. The changes will save automatically. 


How to Complete Employee Training on the Greenius Website

Once courses have been assigned, the employee will receive their training instructions through text, as an email or simply as a printed copy. It is now the employee’s responsibility to complete the first two steps of their training - They will first watch their training videos and then complete the multiple choice exam associated with each course video.  An employee can access training through the Greenius App or on the Greenius website.


Follow this guide below to learn how you can begin employee training from the Greenius website. This guide depicts training being completed through the Greenius website, however using the Greenius app is virtually the same.


How to Complete Employee Training on the Greenius Website

Step 1: Use the training link provided in the instructions. Enter your training ID from the instructions and click ENTER.


Step 2: The next screen shows the courses that have been assigned, along with the associated due dates and status. You can click on a course to begin the training. 


Step 3: You will be prompted to either start the course or take the exam. If you click on Start Course, you will be directed to watch the training videos followed by the multiple choice exam. If you click on Exam, this will take you directly to the exam page for that course. 


Step 4: Once you've watched the videos and taken the exam, you will see your test score, and you can review the questions you got incorrect. Incorrect answers will highlight in red.  Proceed to the next course by clicking on Training Assigned or return to your home screen using the Home button. 

After completing the first 2 steps of your training, it is now time for a supervisor or crew leader to complete the Checklist portion of the course / Infield  evaluation.



Current Course List & Video Runtimes

Listed below are available Training Video Courses through Greenius:

Coaching and Motivating
Customers Count (34:14)
Difficult Employees (49:56)
Meeting and Beating
the Budget (31:44)
Planning Your Day
& Morning Prep (17:51)
Quality Counts (27:10)
Safety and Training (17:33)
Supervisor Defensive Driving

Hand-Washing (3:00)
Defensive Driving (32:00)
Engine and Fuel Basics
General Harassment (20:37)
HazCom Aware (29:54)
Personal Safety (26:23)
Truck and Trailer (26:00)
Transportation of
Dangerous Goods (31:51)
COVID-Mask and
Gloves Safety (4:00)
COVID-19 Work Rules (4:00)

Aerator Safety (11:47)
Blower (10:26)
Chainsaw Safety (25:46)
Edger Safety (14:45)
Fertilizer Spreader (13:03)
Hedge Trimmer (13:06)
Large Walk Behind (22:17)
Small Walk Behind (23:54)
Sprayer Training (33:58)
Stand On Mower (22:24)
Trimmer Training (19:48)
Wide Area Mower (24:51)
Zero Turn Mower (20:32)

Blade Sharpening (16:47)
Generators (33:58)
Hand Tools (13:40)
Lockout/Tagout (31:51)
Plant Transportation (19:48)
Pressure Washer (26:00)
Pruning (27:43)
Spill Response (24:51)
WHMIS (with GHS) (27:43)
AODA Training (15:23)
Bill 168 Training (42:42)
Ont Worker H&S (17:47)
Ont Supervisor H&S (21:25)
Box and Wing Plow (33:02)
Essential Snowplowing
Techniques (31:50)
Site Engineering
and Planning (11:27)
Skid Steer for Snow (59:06)
Snow Plowing Safety
and Prep (16:47)
Winter Walkways (36:37)

Landscape Tractor (32:24)
Mini Excavator (37:33)
Plate Compactor (14:12)
Portable Stone Saw (18:01)
Skid Steer (30:45)


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