Staff: A Guide

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to creating users, user permissions and more, all  relating to your Staff in LMN for your convenience! 

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Employee Types*

Regular Employee: field laborers that will have their time track by a supervisor/foreman

  • Are unlimited and completely free.
  • Regular employees will not have access to everything in LMN, and are set up only for the purpose of tracking their time on a timesheet for payroll purposes.

Supervisor/Foreman: only has access to the LMN Time Mobile app

  • Would have access to LMN for the purpose of clocking themselves and the regular employees that they are responsible for in and out.
  • Supervisor/Foremen users would only be able to see the timesheets that they create.
  • Supervisor/Foremen users are $19.97/user/month.

Administrator: has full access to both the Administrator page and the LMN Time Mobile App

  • Would have access to all of LMN on the Admin end of the program unless otherwise changed in the Permissions tab.
  • LMN Admins can help to setup your LMN Account, can assist with scheduling work and can review/approve/edit/delete timesheets.
  • With your subscription, you get a fixed number of complimentary admin users.  These users can have access to both Budgeting & Estimating, or can just have access to the end of the program that applies to them.
  • Additional Admin users are $19.97/user/month.


Adding NEW Staff to LMN [Settings]

Adding a New User [Foreman & Admin Staff]

  1. Under the main Settings menu, click LMN Users under Users & Staff 
  2. To add a new user, click the + Add New button
  3. Complete the on-screen user information
  • Username - for maximum security, usernames can only belong to 1 user across our entire LMN database... just like email addresses in email applications.  If the username you wish to choose is already taken, you will have to choose a different username.  If the icon to the right of this field is red, the username is already in use.
  • First Name - the user's first name
  • Last Name - the user's last name
  • Phone - the user's phone number (optional)
  • Email - for security reasons, each every LMN user must have a unique email address (this is for password recovery purposes).  An email cannot be used twice for different users.  If the icon to the right is red, the email address is invalid.


You will next be prompted to set the User Permissions before completion of User creation

For User Permissions click HERE


Adding NEW Staff to LMN

Adding New Users to LMN

NOTE: If this employee is an EXISTING LMN user and currently has access to LMN Budgeting & Estimating, please see HERE

The following guide will walk you through how to add a new employee/user directly within LMN. You would add staff with these steps if they do not need access to Budgeting and Estimating:

  1. Log in to LMN.
  2. Click Settings > Staff 
  3. Click +New at the top-right corner mceclip1.png
  4. Add Employee window will pop-up 
  5. Select the Employee Type mceclip2.png
  6. If Foreman or Administrator is selected, an additional box will appear below mceclip3.png
  7. Under Login Account, select New Login.
  8. Fill out the necessary fields (ie. email, username, password).
    PLEASE NOTE: an email address MUST be entered and it must be UNIQUE (you cannot share email addresses across users)
  9. Authorize the $19.97 fee by checking the checkbox.
  10. Click Next
  11. Enter First name, last name and employee ID if desired. 
    Their username must also be UNIQUE as this spans across our entire LMN database (ie. mowcrew1 might already be in use). 
    Skip Payroll Warnings?if you wish to have this employee disregard receiving a Payroll Warning (based on your Settings), checkmark this box.
    Payroll Warning Thresholdif left a "0 hours", it will use the default hours entered in your Settings. If you wish to assign a different amount of hours to receive a Payroll Warning, enter the value here.
    Subcontractorif this employee is a Subcontractor, ensure you checkmark this box. This person will NOT appear in your QuickBooks Sync Tool when syncing Timesheets into QuickBooks.
    Salariedif this employee is a Salaried employee, ensure you checkmark this box. Now LMN will use the "Salary" Payroll Codes you've set up to ensure they are paid as a Salaried employee when their timesheets sync into QuickBooks.
  12. Press Next
  13. Select Staff Groups if desired. 
  14. Click OK

The change is effective immediately and the employee can now log into the LMN Time Mobile app.


Existing Users: Change User Type

Seasons change and sometimes so do your staffing types, below will outline how to change the user type from Foreman/Admin to Regular Employee, and Regular Employee to Foreman/Admin.

Following these steps will also ensure data continuity within the employee (Timesheets etc.) and you will not have to create new or worry about duplicates!


If you have an active Foreman/Admin who is going to be a Regular Employee, change their user type following these steps:

  1. Log into your LMN Account and go to LMN Settings > LMN Users
  2. Locate the staff member you are adjusting mceclip4.png
  3. Open the Staff member and Mark them INACTIVE and hit SAVE mceclip5.pngmceclip6.png
  4. Go to the Staff list and locate that employee; ensure that you are searching through ALL STAFFmceclip7.png
  5. Open that employee to then select the User Tab and change Type from Foreman/Admin to Regular Employee mceclip8.pngmceclip9.png
  6. Mark as Active once more from the General tab mceclip10.pngmceclip11.pngmceclip12.png


If you have an active Regular Employee who is going to be a Foreman/Admin staff, change their user type following these steps:

  1. If you are promoting to Foreman/Admin for an EXISTING user (was previously a foreman made Regular Employee); Go to LMN Settings>Setup Users and search for the Inactive User Account
    • ensure you have de-selected the 'Show only active staff' button when searching for this user mceclip13.png
  2. Activate this user mceclip14.pngmceclip15.png
  3. Next, go to SettingsStaff List and find your [currently] Regular Employee you are looking to promote to Foreman/Admin mceclip16.png
  4. Open the employee and go to the User tab and change the user type from Regular Employee to Foreman/Admin mceclip17.png
  5. Ensure Existing LMN Login is selected mceclip18.png
  6. From the drop down list, select their Existing User credentials mceclip19.png
  7. Authorize and Savemceclip20.png
  8. Their role will now be set to Foreman/Admin within the Staff List mceclip21.png

If the employee has never been a foreman before, you can open the staff member in Settings > Staff; open the User Tab and change the type to Forman/Admin with New Login selected mceclip22.png


User Permissions

Most companies will need to add more than one user to their LMN account.  Estimators, office managers, bookkeepers/accountants, and sales people will need access to make their jobs more efficient. 

However, you'll likely want to protect/secure sensitive information (particularly budgeting information) from some users.  

This guide will show you how to add a new user to LMN, and how to configure their access rights so that they can only use specific areas of the application.

Once the user has been created, click the Permissions tab to setup access rights


  • Security Admin 
    • with Full Access, users will be able to create new users and change any users' security permissions.  Security Admins should only be granted to users who have permission to view and edit all LMN data.
  • Settings Admin
    • With Full Access, user will be able to view and change different settings. 
  • Budgeting
    • Company Administrator - these users can view/edit all company budgets, even other users'
    • Default - these users can only view/edit their own budgets.  This is useful when you want to teach an estimator about budgeting, but you don't want them to view financial details of the company's actual budget
    • No access - users will not be able to view or edit any budgets, but they will be able to use budgets for estimates
  • Estimating
    • Company Administrator - these users can view/edit all company estimates, even other users'
    • Default - these users can only view/edit their own estimates, or estimates assigned to them.
    • No access - users will not be able to view or edit any estimates
  • CRM
    • Full access - these users can add new leads and clients and can edit any lead/client information
    • No access - users will not have access to edit lead/contact information
    • Users who have access to estimating must have access to CRM
  • Taxes
    • Full access - these users can add and edit sales tax information
    • No access - users will not be able to add/edit sales tax information
  • Price list:
    • Full access - these users can add/edit the cost and price database 
    • No access - users will not have access to edit the cost and price database
    • Note: we recommend anyone with permission to estimates have full access to the estimating catalog
  • Forms Library
    • Full access - these users can download any of the 700 forms, policies and procedures in the systems library
    • No access - users will not have access to the forms and documents in the systems library
  • Accounting
    • Full access - these users will be able to sync estimates and payroll information to QuickBooks
    • No access - users will not be able to sync estimates and payroll information to QuickBooks
    • LMN strongly recommends you give only a select few users, such as the bookkeeper, access to Accounting so that your accounting data stays clean and organized

Setting up LMN Permissions


Time Access Type

Set user up as either a foreman or administrator

Timesheet Approval

User will have full access to approving timesheets or no access


 User will have access to scheduling or no access

Add/Edit Jobs

User will have access to add jobs to LMN or edit jobs in Job List, or no access

Add/Manage Staff

User will have access to edit staff in LMN, or no access


User will have access to LMN reporting or no access


Note:  Only some users can add and edit new users.  User Setup is ONLY available to users where the Security Admin permission is set to true.  Note that users with Security Admin permission have access to all areas of the application and can control who else has access to the application - so be careful when assigning security admins.

Assigning Goals to a Staff Member

When you navigate to the Goals tab of a Staff Member's editing modal, you'll see two types of goals that can be set: a single Efficiency Goal, or multiple Revenue Goals (for different years):


The Efficiency Goal is available for all Staff but intended for Crew Leads. This represents the Efficiency Score — a percentage that indicates how much of the work they performed was billable (or productive) — that that Crew Lead will be aiming to meet or exceed when they go about a day's work.

When reviewing any timesheet that that Crew Lead has submitted for a crew they were leading, you can their actual Efficiency Score for the day and contrast it against the Efficiency Goal of whichever Crew Lead is shown on the timesheet.

Creating Staff Groups in LMN

Staff groups allow you to organize your employees into groups, to help you and your foremen find staff easier and faster.  They can also be used for reporting purposes to pull reports on one list of staff.

Creating a Staff Group

  1. Log into LMN. mceclip25.png
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Staff Groups.
  4. Click +New in the top-right corner
  5. Give your Staff Group a Name and press OK.

Adding/Removing Employees to Staff Group

  1. There are a couple of ways to add an Employee to a Staff Group. The easiest would be from the Settings > Staff page. 
  2. Select the checkbox next to each Employee and then press the Staff Group button above your list of staff  mceclip26.png
  3. After selecting the Staff Groups button, you will have the ability to +Add to Staff Group or -Remove from Staff Group.
  4. If you toggle the Staff Groups drop-down at the top of the screen, you will now see your list of employees filtered down as per the Staff Group.


  1. Click on Staff 
  2. Select the employee you wish to assign to a Staff Group.
  3. Click on the Group tab. mceclip27.png
  4. Select the Staff Groups you wish to assign them to.
  5. Press Save or Save & Close when you are done.


How do I add a default manager in LMN?

You may come across areas of LMN  (particularly the Scheduling section of LMN) where you can choose Default Managers/ Managers in the dropdown option. To set a Default Manager, they need to be an existing Admin user. To add someone as an LMN Admin go to Settings> Staff > press on the employee's name > change User type to Admin.

Please note:An inactive Admin User will still appear on this list, if you wish to take them off of this list permanently, you can adjust them to an "employee" user type and they will no longer show on the list of default managers. 




If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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