LMN Academy: A Guide

Within this article you will have a complete guide to the LMN Academy and its main functions for your convenience!

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Academy Dashboard

  • When you first sign-in to the LMN Academy, you will land on the homepage.
  • Based on your subscription type (Free trial, Pro, Pro +) you will have access to certain Learning Plans. i.e. Pro will have access to the Invoice Learning Plan but Basic won’t
  • The goal is to go through each Learning Plan (Settings, Budget, CRM, Item Catalog, Estimate, Time, Schedule, Invoice) so that LMN is implemented successfully within your company
  • Each Learning Plan consists of courses with training material - a lesson on the topic, a demo, and an assignment to complete before moving onto the next course
  • Once a learning plan is complete, then you will receive a badge for that learning plan as well as points that you can use to redeem prizes from the LMN rewards shop
  • A user can start any learning plan as they are not locked - but once you begin a course within that learning plan, you have to complete it before moving onto the next course
  • Use the LMN Help Desk for troubleshooting issues and FAQ’s

For Example:

Learning Plan: Budget
Course: Sales Budget
Training Material:Lesson (video) explaining what a sales budget is and the best practices, Demo (video) showing how to setup the sales budget, Assignment (pdf) of what a user needs to complete in their own account before moving on to the next course


App Training

  • Click into an app training course to learn how to use the LMN Apps
  • Note: The LMN Time Mobile App has multiple videos


Do More With LMN

  • In-Class Implementation & Software Training: Click to purchase a class in Toronto, Orlando or Dallas
  • Fast Track Account Setup: Click to purchase a fast track service - LMN will upload your account data for you and then train you on it
  • LMN Certifications: Become LMN certified in all of our software tools



Learning Plans & Courses

The LMN Academy Learning Plans have been created to give you a step-by-step process on how to implement LMN. We know it can be overwhelming when you purchase new software, so follow our Learning Plans in the order outlined to get your account up and running successfully.

Example Learning Plans:

  • Settings
  • Job Costing
  • Budget
  • CRM
  • Price List
  • Estimate
  • Time
  • Schedule
  • Invoice
  • Quickbooks Desktop Sync
  • Quickbooks Online Sync


Learning Plans consist of multiple, bite sized Courses. Within each course you will have to complete certain training material to move forward to the next course.

Example Courses:

  • Create a Budget
  • Sales Budget
  • Field Labor Budget
  • Equipment Budget
  • Material Budget
  • Subcontractor Budget
  • etc.

Training Material:
Lessons (video) explaining what the topic is and the best practices,
Demos (video) showing how to setup that software tool
Assignment (pdf) software implementation in your own account
*Note: some courses might not have all 3 types of training material

Learning Plan: Budget
Course: Sales Budget
Training Material:Lesson (video) explaining what a sales budget is and the best practices, Demo (video) showing how to setup the sales budget, Assignment (pdf) software implementation in your own account

Start a Learning Plan:

  1. Login to the LMN Academy
  2. Click on a Learning Plan mceclip1.png
  3. Click on the video player to watch the introduction video to the Learning Plan selected
  4. Click on the first course to start your training
    • Note: you have to compete the required courses in order as they are locked. The advanced courses can be taken in any order at anytime
  5. mceclip1.png
  6. To navigate through training material within a course, click on the next button to continue or click the previous button to go back
  7. If you have a question while going through the training material - feel free to reach out to LMN support by clicking on the email icon
  8. To read an article on the learning topic - click on the Help Desk link
  9. mceclip1.png
  10. To go to the next course within the Learning Plan, click on the black task bar at the bottom of your screen as shown below.
  11. Or you can double click the back arrow on your browser to go back to the Learning Plan page
  12. mceclip1.png

Complete a Learning Plan:

  • Take all of the required courses within that Learning Plan
  • Earn badges and points once a Learning Plan is completed
  • *Note - the progress time on your Learning Plan is the total time that you spend on this screen. i.e. if you stay on the “create a budget” course for 60min then that will be counted towards your total time spent on this Learning Plan


Badges & Points

The LMN Academy was created to motivate all users to complete Learning Plans and Courses with the feature of gamification. If a user completes all Courses within a Learning Plan then they will receive a badge and points. The goal is to complete all Learning Plans so that all badges are collected.

To view badges & points:

  1. Login to academy.golmn.com
  2. On your Dashboard on the left-hand side, you will see the badges that you have collected as well as your total points
  3. Click My awarded Badges to view all of your badges and the points allocated for each


To view the leaderboard:

  1. On your Dashboard, click on leaderboards on the left-hand side
  2. Here, you can rank yourself against all of the other users within the LMN Academy


Gamification Overview:

  1. Click on the trophy icon in the top-right corner



LMN Academy Mobile App - Training

How do I download the LMN Academy App?

Android Devices

  1. Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Search Docebo
  3. Download Go.Learn app

Apple Devices

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search Docebo
  3. Download Go.Learn app



  1. Enter the platform URL as academy.golmn.com and tap the “proceed to login page” button
  2. Login using your LMN username and password
  3. Tap on the black bar to sign-in


Dashboard & Learning Plans

  1. Login to the LMN Academy mobile App
  2. Scroll down and tap on a Learning Plan to start your LMN software training



  1. Login to the LMN Academy mobile App
  2. Tap on a Learning Plan
  3. Tap on a course to start your LMN software training


ap on the first video to start your first training item within that course

**NOTE: If a course has a “lock” icon beside it, then that means you must complete the previous training material


Academy Login Page: Why can’t I login to the Academy?

How do I access the LMN Academy Online?

Simply log into your LMN account and click on Help & Resources > LMN Academy.


This will direct you to the Academy Online (https://academy.golmn.com/learn/signin) where you can click on the sign-in with LMN. Ensure that you have entered your LMN username and password correctly.


Once you have done this, every time you click on the LMN Academy button within LMN, it will automatically log you into the Academy Online. 

**Note: the Academy Online has a 3-hour timeout, if you are logged in for longer, you will need to reenter your username and password to continue training.


What can't I login to the Academy? 

1) Ensure you use the correct Username (this may or MAY NOT be your email address) and Password

2) Login with the "Sign in with LMN" button. 

3) New users that just created their accounts will need to allow 3-4 hours for the Academy to fully register the account and gain access to the Academy.

4) Check with your Super Admin that you are added as an Admin User and not Foreman User.

Foreman Users will not have access to the Academy training videos as they would only use the LMN Time Mobile App to clock in and out of jobs for others and for themselves. They would not need to look into the Academy for invoicing, budgeting and estimating etc training videos.


If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.com or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 

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