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What is JobsiteWatch

JobsiteWatch will provide you with 24/7 access to site service reports from any smartphone or internet-enabled device.

How to register for JobsiteWatch (first-time visit):

  1. Please visit
  2. Click User Login then click the blue Register New Account button.
  3. Create an account using an email address + password (min. 6 characters).
  4. Enter Access Code (provided by Landscape company).
  5. Agree to Terms & Conditions and create Account.
  6. Log into Jobsite Watch > click the link below Access Group > i.e Jane Doe, LMN Landscapes.
  7. View Last Serviced Maps and/ or Site Reports.

Need help?

Please email with Subject line: Jobsite Watch – (name of Landscape Company).

  • Registered and can’t log in? Please send username (the email you registered with) and forward password reset email from JobsiteWatch.



How to Activate & Setup JobsiteWatch

With JobsiteWatch you can give your customers live, 24/7 access to site service reports from any smartphone or internet-enabled device. Ramp up your snow sales by by giving your customers something no other contractor can!

To activate JobsiteWatch:

  1. Log into LMN 
  2. Click Jobs
  3. Click JobsiteWatch.                                                                      mceclip0.png
  4. Click +Add Customer Access.
  5. Under the Add New Access Code screen, fill out the following fields:
    Code Name: enter a name that the customer will recognize
    User Limit: the amount of people who can access this code to see Jobsite Watch information
    Show GPS: choose whether or not you want your customer to see GPS timestamps or not
    Crew/Weather/Equipment Notes: toggle them ON or OFF
    Show Clockout Times: toggle them ON or OFF
    Time Increments: enter low, pivot, & high intervals showing job service history (ie. less than 24 hrs or 48 hrs ago)
  6. Add Jobs to the current Access Code by checkmarking the Jobs under the Jobsite Search Results window (left) and clicking Add>.
  7. Share Access Code generated with your Customer(s).


How your Customer accesses JobsiteWatch (first-time visit):

  1. Have your customer visit
  2. Click User Login
  3. Click Register New Account.
  4. Create an account using an email address + password of their choosing.
  5. Enter Access Code (shared by you).
  6. Agree to Terms & Conditions and create Account.

Download Sample Jobsite Watch Setup Guide

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