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Login Error Message



Average time from when a To-Do is created and the time an estimate goes out

If you are looking for the average time from when a ToDo is created to when an estimate is first shared, this article will help you getting that information.

  1. On the left side menu option, click on Reports > CRM > Todo Export, Enter the date range for the report generation > Click on Generate Report mceclip0.png
    • An excel file will be downloaded listing the To-dos created within the selected date range
    • mceclip0.png
    • Then, on the left side menu, click Estimates > Estimate List, and apply filters to narrow down your search mceclip1.png
    • Filter it by Dates. Make sure to use the same date range used to generate the Todo Export report. Among all filter options given, the Estimate Last update is a good one to narrow the search down: mceclip2.png

OPTIONAL: By selecting the Status, it will better help narrowing the search down, considering that this is a key filter for the info being looked for. Please ensure the Estimate status is always updated by the users, and a new status can be created, for example: “Pending Customer approval” or “Estimate sent out”. mceclip3.png

    • Then, close the filter, and click on the Excel button > Current View option mceclip4.png
    • An excel file will be downloaded with the Estimates result:
    • mceclip1.png
    • Considering that both Excel Sheets have columns with the same data, let’s use VLOOK UP function to get the information we are looking for.

Steps on the Excel Sheet:

1. Make sure you have both Sheets combined into 1 file

2. On the Todo Export Sheet, correct the formatting on the Contact ID (Column A) by selecting the “Convert to Number" option


3. On the Estimates List sheet, make sure you have the Contact ID column as A, and apply the same formatting as shown above


4. Then, go back to the Todo Export sheet to work on the VLOOK UP formula:

    4.1 . Create a column with the data from the Estimates List we are looking for. For this example, we are considering that the Proposal First Shared date is the one it was 1st shared with the customer

    4.2. Then use the VLOOK formula


    4.3 An #N/A error is expected. Just make sure you format the cell as Date


    4.4. Then you will get the date when the Proposal was first shared from the Estimate List


That way will be easier for you to compare when a Todo was created and when the Proposal was first shared.


How To Take A Screenshot

How To Take A Screenshot: Windows

To take a screenshot on your Windows PC please follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Windows Button on the bottom left of your display: 


2) Navigate to the Windows Accessories folder and select Snipping Tool


3) In the Snipping Tool click on "New" and select the area of your screen you wish to screenshot


4) After you've selected the area you wish to screenshot, hit the "Copy" button so you are able to paste it to our support team via chat or email


How To Take A Screenshot: Mac

To take a screenshot on your Mac please follow the steps below:

1) Press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command, and 4.


2) Drag the crosshair mceclip3__1_.png to select the area of the screen to capture. To move the selection, press and hold Space bar while dragging. To cancel taking the screenshot, press the Esc (Escape) key.

3) To take the screenshot, release your mouse or trackpad button. 

4)  If you see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen, click it to edit the screenshot. Or wait for the screenshot to save to your desktop.


How do I Clear my Cache on my Browser?

Clearing your cache can help if you're experiencing any issues logging into LMN or any inconsistencies happening within the software.  Here are the steps to clear your cache:
After following these instructions to clear your cache, please close all instances and relaunch your web browser.

Google Chrome:Clear Cache shortcut

The Clear browsing data menu will populate on your screen.  Complete the steps outlined below for both the Basic & Advanced tabs.


  • Time Range - Select 'All Time'
    • Check the following:
      • Browsing history
      • Cookies and other site data
      • Cached images and files



  • Time Range - Select 'All Time'
    • Check the following 3 for the Advanced tab
      • Browsing history
      • Download history
      • Cookies and other site data
      • Cached images and files
    • Click Clear data.  Close all Chrome windows and relaunch Chrome


Google Chrome:Clear Cache with browser menu

Another option is to clear your cache using the Chrome menu instead of the shortcut (mentioned above).

  • Click the menu on the far right of the toolbar (3 horizontal lines next to your address bar OR 3 dots OR downwards arrow)
  • Select More Tools
  • Select Clear browsing data

The Clear browsing data menu will populate on your screen.  Complete the steps outlined below for both the Basic & Advanced tabs


  • Time Range - Select 'All Time'
    • Check the following:
        • Browsing history
        • Cached images and files


  • Time Range - Select 'All Time'
    • Check the following 3 for the Advanced tab
        • Browsing history
        • Download history
        • Cached images and files
  • Click Clear data.  Close all Chrome windows and relaunch Chrome



Here's how to clear your Mozilla Firefox (most recent version) cache:
  • Click the menu on the far right of the toolbar (3 horizontal lines beside the address bar).
  • Select Options
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down on the page to Cookies and Site Data
  • You can choose Clear Data and a dialogue box will appear.  Check only Cached Web Content and all data will be cleared
    • OR If you would like to only filter certain data to clear - choose Manage Data, select all sites that you would like to clear data from, and select Remove Selected
  • Scroll down the Privacy page to History
  • Select Clear History
  • Choose the Time Range to Clear to filter to 'Everything'
  • Ensure to check the following boxes under History
    • Browsing & Download History
    • Form & Search
    • Cache
  • Click Clear Now.  Close all Firefox windows and relaunch Firefox


Microsoft Edge

Here's how to clear your Microsoft Edge cache:

  • Click the menu on the far right of the toolbar (3 circles).
  • Select Settings
  • Select Privacy, search, and services
  • Under Clear Browsing Data, select Choose what to clear and a dialogue box will appear.
  • Time range - 'All time'
  • Check these 3 boxes:
      • Browsing history
      • Download history
      • Cached images and files
  • Click Clear Now.  Close all Microsoft Edge windows and re-launch Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer 8.x or later

Here's how to clear your Internet Explorer 8.x (or later) cache:
  • Click Safety on the menu toolbar at the top right of the browser
  • Or click on Tools, then Internet Options, and finally Delete in the Browsing History Section
  • Click Delete Browsing History... from the drop-down menu
  • Deselect Preserve Favorites website data
  • Select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History
  • Click Delete
  • Close all browser windows and restart Internet Explorer


Safari (Mac Only)

Here's how to clear your Safari (most recent version) cache for Mac OS X:
Here's how to clear your Safari (most recent version) cache for Mac OS X:
  • Click the Safari menu and select Clear History. A dialogue window will appear, select from the dropdown all history and click Clear History
  • Close all Safari browser windows and re-launch Safari

Another option that will have the same effect, just a few more steps is the following:

  • Click the Safari menu and select Preferences
  • Click the Privacy button in the dialog box that appears
  • Select Manage website data and click the Remove All Website Data button and select Remove Now from the pop-up window
  • Close all Safari browser windows and re-launch Safari

If you are using Safari on a Mac and have some items that will not clear with a standard cache clear, please follow these steps to clear out those remaining items:

      1. Ensure that you have logged out of all webpages, and have closed all Safari tabs.
      2. Open your Finder and within that menu click on Go to Folder (alternatively, you can push Command + Shift + G).
      3. IMG.png
      4. Copy and paste the following into the blank area:~/Library/Safari/Databases  
      5. Delete all the contents that appear in that folder by highlighting all folders and right-clicking Move to Trash.
      6. Open Safari again and check that all items are now deleted.
      7. If nothing appears when you search for the above criteria, please search ~/Library/Safari/Local Storage
      8. And follow the above steps to delete all the contents.

If this fails to solve your issue you may have a different browser version that needs alternative directions. Please refer to this website for the most up to date cache clearing instructions for all browser versions:

Click here to Refresh Your Cache


How to Turn off Pop-up Blockers

Chrome browser:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of Chrome.
  3. Click on SETTINGS.
  4. Find the title PRIVACY and SECURITY.
  6. OR - type in [*.]my.golmn.com under ALLOWED TO SEND POP-UPS AND USE REDIRECTS by clicking the ADD button - this will always allow POPUPS to work for LMN and LMN Time.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select the TOOLS button and then select INTERNET OPTIONS.
  3. Click the PRIVACY tab.
  4. Scroll down to POPUP BLOCKER and uncheck box to allow POPUPS or see SETTINGS options.


  1. Open Firefox.
  2. On the TOOLS menu, select OPTIONS and then choose CONTENT.
  3. Either select or de-select the Block POPUP option to turn pop-up blocker on or off.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Choose PREFERENCES and click the SECURITY tab.
  3. Uncheck the BLOCK POPUPS window option to ALLOW POPUPS.


Invalid Token Message

Invalid Token & Password Resets:

If you're trying to reset your password and you receive an error that says "invalid token", it's likely that the link you clicked on to reset your password has expired. For security reasons, passwords are never sent out across the Internet. Instead a token will be sent to your email. This token is only valid for a temporary time however. This is why you may see this error message from time to time. 

To fix this, just head to https://my.golmn.com/lmn/#/login, and click the "Forgot Password?" link again.  

Enter the email address associated to your LMN account and click the "Send Email" button. The system will generate you a new link via email in a matter of moments. Access this link as soon as possible to avoid it expiring. 

If you don't receive the email from LMN Support, it's possible that you either entered the wrong email address or that our email was sent to your junk/spam folder. If that's the case, check that you've entered the correct email, and have a look at your junk/spam folder. 

Other Instances of Invalid Token:

Invalid Token can also happen if the date/time is incorrect on your computer. If you're getting an Invalid token message while in LMN (or logging in), please check your computers date/time settings and make sure it's correct to the nearest minute. After updating the date/time on your computer, go back into your LMN account and the issue should be resolved.


"Resource has been removed, changed or temporarily unavailable"

If you see the following error message when attempting to login to LMN Estimate and/or LMN Time

"Resource has been removed, changed or temporarily unavailable"

  • Check date/time settings on the computer and make sure it's up to date and accurate.


  • From the Start menu, select Settings and then Time & Language. Select Date & time and click Sync now. Ensure your Time zone reflects your current location.



  • From the Apple menu at the top, select System Preferences and then Date & Time
  • Click the lock in the corner of the window, you may be required to enter a password if you have locked your Settings
  • Within the Date & Time panel, select Set date and time automatically and ensure your Mac is connected to the internet. Your Mac will automatically get the time from your internet server. Click the lock icon again to save your settings


MacBook Picture source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203413 


"Oops, Something went wrong. LMN has trouble authenticating you"

This error message may pop up on your screen when you try logging into your LMN account, please check the following below to fix this error: 

1) The time on your computer may be wrong. Ensure your date and time are set correctly. If your laptop or computer's time is a few minutes off or you are using the wrong time zone, it will prevent you from logging into LMN successfully. Sync your date and time on your computer to fix this error. 

For Microsoft OS users:

You can type in "Date & Time Settings"  on the bottom left area (search bar), press into Date & Time Settings. Press on Sync Now.

NOTE: If Sync Now button is greyed out and not allowing your to sync your date and time, please contact your IT support/ get Administrative access to complete this step. 



For Mac Users:

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu mceclip27.png > System Preferences, then click Date & Time.

    If the lock at the bottom left is locked mceclip28.png click it to unlock the preference pane.

  2. Click Date & Time, then set the date and time automatically or manually.

    • Automatically: Select “Set date and time automatically,” then choose the network time server for your region.

    • Manually: Deselect “Set date and time automatically,” click today’s date on the calendar, drag the clock’s hands to show the correct time (or enter the time), then click Save.

  3. Click Time Zone, then set the time zone automatically or manually.

    • Automatically: Select “Set time zone automatically using current location.”

    • Manually: Deselect “Set time zone automatically using current location,” click a location on the map, click the Closest City pop-up menu, then choose the city closest to your location.

2) Your browser may have security settings that are preventing LMN from authenticating you. Please check to make sure you are allowing cookies for the domain:

Google Chrome Browser 

a) Go to Settings at the top right corner mceclip0.png

b) Go to Privacy and security


c) Choose "Allow all cookies", close your current tab, open a new tab and try logging into your LMN account again. 


Microsoft Edge Browser

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, select Menu (3 dots icon on top right corner of the browser) > Settings > Site permissions > Cookies and site data IMG.png

  2. Turn on "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" to unblock cookies
  3. IMG.png


“The User associated with this login could not be found”



If you are experiencing this error message “The User associated with this login could not be found”, you will need your admin or Super Admin (basically anyone who has "security admin" permissions) to go into their Settings > Users & Staff > LMN Users > press into the user's name who is getting this error to be prompt to this screen:


Press on Save. The user that is experiencing this error message can log back into their account right after and press into the section that this error message occurred on. The error message should not appear anymore. 


PCI Compliance

For all PCI-related questions regarding the questionnaire and needing a walk-through of the SAQ. We refer Merchants directly to the SecureTrust team at 800-363-1621.

They will be able to connect with a representative who will assist them! Merchants are also more than welcome to call into CardConnect Support at: 877.828.0720 EXT 1201, in order to get connected to the appropriate team.

For more information on PCI Compliance and a step by step user guide, view attachments below:

PCI Importance & Steps For Compliance

PCI Step by Step User Guide


If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.com or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


Grounds Guys Login Page & Customer Support Information

All employees of The Grounds Guys: Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies have a specialized login web page.

Grounds Guys users can login to LMN by navigating to this webpage: www.groundsguyspro.com

Please Note: Trying to utilize the normal LMN desktop application will yield an ERROR message upon logging in saying "The domain belongs to another user."  

Additionally, If you require further assistance, you are able to reach out to Grounds Guys dedicated Customer Support team via email at support@groundsguyspro.com or by phone: 1-888-972-8063!


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