LMN Crew: A Guide

Intended as a replacement for the existing LMN Time Mobile App, LMN Crew is an app available for both iOS and Android devices that your field crews can use to manage their schedules, timesheets, and tasks.

This is a comprehensive breakdown of the LMN Crew App, with each section explained for your convenience!

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Downloadable Links:

Click here to download the LMN Crew App Guide [PDF | English Version]

Click here to download the LMN Crew App Guide [PDF | Spanish Version]


Video Overview: "Day in the Life" of a Crew Lead [English]


Video Overview: "Day in the Life" of a Crew Lead [Spanish]


General Instructions for Crew Leads

Download and setup

  1. Access Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple products) on your smartphone/tablet.
  2. Search for LMN Crew and download the app.
  3. Select the LMN Crew app from your list of apps and enter your username and password.
  4. Location Settings: The LMN Crew app will only be able to GPS Timestamp the punch ins/outs if the Location Services are set to ‘ON’ in your smartphone settings. To see how this is done, please access one of the following links below:
    • Android: Click HERE
    • Apple: Click HERE

Sign In to LMN Crew

LMN Crew gives you three ways to sign in: with your phone number, with your email address, or with your LMN username and password.

To Sign In with your Phone Number:

  • Enter the phone number associated with the device you're currently using, then click "Continue."
    • NOTE: You will only be able to proceed with login if the phone number you've entered is an exact match for the phone number currently on file for you in the 'Edit Users' section of your company's LMN Account. If you run into any issues with the phone number not being recognized, please contact your LMN system administrator for assistance.
  • You'll be sent a one-time verification code via SMS. Enter it into the field highlighted in the below image, then tap 'Continue.' 


To Sign In with your Email Address:

  • Enter your work email address, then tap 'Continue'.
    • You will only be able to proceed with login if the email address you've entered is an exact match for the address currently on file for you in the 'Edit Users' section of the company you will be working for during this Crew usage session.
    • If you want to use Crew to perform work for a different company that uses LMN, you will need to log out, then log back in using the work email address that is on file for you within that company's LMN system.
  • You'll receive an email containing a one-time secure link (pictured below). Open up the email and and tap the "Log in" button,


To Sign In with your LMN Username and Password:

  • Enter the username and password associated with your LMN user profile, and click "Sign In."


  • If you forgot the username and password, click the "Forgot Username or Password" button to receive assistance via email.
    • TIP: Keep in mind that you can also sign in using the email or phone number verification methods outlined above, neither of which requires a username or a password.


LMN Crew Side Menu

At the top left of the app, you'll find an icon with three lines. This can be tapped to pop out the main navigation menu. This menu links to several key pages, which will be outlined below.

'My Profile'

Your 'My Profile' page can be used to quickly view the time that you, as an individual employee, have already recorded today. Your profile can also be used mark yourself as Late or Absent, using the buttons highlighted in the image below:


If you need to "Mark Late", use the fields to indicate the amount of time you will be late by, and (optionally) provide the reason for the delay:


If you need to "Mark Absent", select the reason for the absence from the list of options:


Help Guide

The 'Help Guide' link can be used at any time to pull up a mobile version of the instructional guide you're currently reading.

Screenshot_8.png         Screenshot_9.png


The "Settings" menu will provide you the ability to customize the way LMN Crew operates while you are using the app:

  • Language:  Choose between English or Spanish
  • GPS: Configure how your app handles routing information, weather tracking, and jobsite alerts.
  • Push Notifications: Set up how you will receive notifications for things like job updates, notes from the office, etc.
  • Reminders & Alarms:  Set up timesheet reminders for a specific time of day.


Notifications allows you to customize LMN Crew to provide pop up reminders to interact with the mobile app:


At the bottom of the page, you will have access to the LMN Crew legal Terms and Conditions and the      Privacy Policy documents, along with an indication of the current app version number and Office specified Time Zone:



LMN Crew Dashboards

When logged in to LMN Crew, you will first see your current day's Dashboard. This is where you can indicate how you'll be working today -- either off of a schedule, by browsing a route/job group, or searching for a specific job.

Screenshot_13.png      Screenshot_14.png

Crew Schedules:

Selecting this option will display a list of all crew schedules. Tap on a schedule to view that schedule’s list of jobs and tasks, and start working off of them.

Note: If you are already viewing a schedule and want to get back to the list of schedules, select Crew Schedules again.


Routes & Groups:

Selecting this option will display a list of all available Routes and Job Groups set up by your company office staff. Tap on a route or job group to view that group’s list of jobs and tasks, and start working off of them.



The Jobs dashboard is where all in progress or completed work will appear in chronological order, regardless of job, schedule, route, or job group. 

From here you can also use the 'Find a Job' tool to search for individual jobs via the full list of jobs, or from schedules, routes, and job groups, and select tasks, to work from:

Screenshot_17.png    Screenshot_18.png

Job and Task Status: 

You can view different status of work being completed across jobs and tasks throughout the day. Tasks and Services within a job will display work in three different statuses:

  • All pending or unstarted work is shown in green (this is the default state of a task)
  • In Progress work is shown in purple and includes “In Progress” labels
  • Completed work is shown in blue and includes “Completed” labels

Statuses and colors are the same across any dashboard view.


  • Tap on the job, select the appropriate task to track for, then click the Play icon:

Screenshot_21.png      Screenshot_22.png


Calendar View: 

To view or preview jobs that have been scheduled, LMN Crew features a "Calendar" view option. You can use this to view jobs scheduled in the future or the past.

  • At the top of the page, use the "Calendar" scroll bar to select the day to be viewed
  • Colored dashes under the date indicate whether something is scheduled (green dash), if a timesheet is past due (red dash), or if no work or timesheet exists (grey dash)
  • Swipe the calendar left and right to view previous and future weeks
  • Press and hold any date in the calendar row to bring up the full calendar view

Screenshot_23.png    Screenshot_24.png    Screenshot_25.png  

Using ' +Shop/Drive Time' to clock in to Unbillable work

Tapping the ‘+ Shop Time’ button found at the top of your Dashboard will bring up a list of Jobs that your LMN administrators have associated with the Job Category of ‘NonProduction’ – meaning that the tasks within those jobs are considered to be unbillable work. Tasks typically found within these types of jobs might have names like ‘Drive Time,’ ‘Meetings,’ or ‘Load/Unload Vehicle.’

You can find the appropriate ‘shop job’ either by locating it within the shown list, or by using the search bar at the top of the screen. After tapping the correct job, you’ll be shown a list of All Tasks associated with that job.

After clicking the Play icon next to one of the shown tasks, you’ll be punched in right away to that task. Because it’s unbillable work, there is no need for you to provide photos or notes.



Your company's administrators may have unbillable jobs' tasks set up with a feature called 'Quick Start/End' toggled on. If this is the case, you will be able to punch out of the task without being prompted to provide photos, notes, or other details. (You will still be able to input these details at any time by opening the task itself.)

Using 'Drive Time' Shortcuts

If your company has categorized one or more unbillable tasks as 'Drive Time,' and enabled Drive Time Shortcuts to show for one or more Job Types, you may see a separate Play icon for punching into Drive Time (one for each job that belongs to one of those Job Types).

If your company has multiple tasks categorized as Drive Time, tapping a Drive Time Shortcut's Play icon will first let you pick which Drive Time task you want to punch into. From there, you will be taken to a Drive Time punch-in view, where you may optionally choose to bring up directions to the Job's associated jobsite after starting the task:

blobid2.png   blobid3.png

if you have the "Launch directions after starting task" toggle "ON", you would be directed to your navigation app automatically.

Screenshot_29.png     Screenshot_30.png

When you reach your destination, simply start your next task, and the LMN Crew app will automatically prompt you to end your Drive Time first.

Screenshot_35.png      Screenshot_36.png 

When ending your Drive Time, you never have to add any notes, track any materials or add photos, you simply ended the driving task and started your next task.

Crew Management

Today's Crew

As a Crew Lead, a crew can be set up and adjusted as required throughout the day. Alternatively, you can set up a default list of members to be associated with that Crew:

  • In the upper portion of the screen, there will be an indicator for "TODAY'S CREW".
  • Click on the bar to open the list of selected crew members:


  • A list of selected employees will be shown, and an option to add additional "Crew Members": 


  • An employee can be added to the timesheet by tapping on the Screenshot_28.png icon.
  • If you know that that employee will continue working with your Crew for the rest of the day, you can tap on that employee's name then select "Keep in My Daily Crew":


  • As mentioned previously, the option to "Mark Late" or "Mark Absent" is also available.

Time Sheet Summary: 

Prior to submitting a timesheet at the end of the day, any recorded timesheet can be reviewed with a summary of job information.

  • Select the Timesheet to be reviewed from the list:


  • Once a timesheet is selected, you'll be able to see its status right at the top:


  • On this screen you will also be able to review other critical timesheet information like job details, task details, and Total Crew Hours recorded:



Using the Crew Tracking Feature

Crew Tracking is a helpful tool you can use to bring up logged time for a selection of other staff and crew members working with your company — not only on the current day, but for any prior day if you need to refer back. (NOTE: In order for this functionality to be accessible for you via Crew, you will need an Admin to toggle 'Can Track Employees' on in your Staff Settings screen.)

To access Crew Tracking, tap the three lines icon at the top left of the app, then tap 'Crew Tracking' in the menu that appears (underneath the 'Log Out' option).

This will bring up a screen where you may select the crew members you'd like to track. You can use the search bar at the top to search for a specific crew member by name.


Once you've completed your selection, the Crew Tracking view will default to showing you all work performed by tracked crew members on the current day. You can also use the calendar at the top to bring up a previous day (days with logged work for the tracked members will have a green underline). 

On this screen, you can tap on any crew member's name to 'expand' out the record of each task they've completed and when. 



Tapping on the name of any task shown here will bring you into a view where you can see Visit Details for that visit. Shown details include photos, notes, and services completed. Because it was recorded by a different crew lead, this data view is read-only (unless you are tracking yourself):




Using LMN Crew to Check your Current Crew Score

When looking at your Dashboard or the Timesheet Details view, you’ll be able to view the Crew Score (also known as the ‘Efficiency Score’) that your crew has been achieving so far on the currently active timesheet.

Components of the Crew Score Visualization

  • The green bar represents the percentage of time that your crew has spent on billable work (e.g. performing tasks at a customer’s jobsite).
  • The grey bar represents the percentage of time that your crew has spent on unbillable work (e.g. driving or loading).

The flag represents the Efficiency Goal percentage that has been assigned to you as a Crew Lead. This goal will apply to you regardless of which staff members are working with you on the current timesheet.


Note: A task (either billable or unbillable) will not impact your shown Crew Score until you have punched out that task.

Task Cards

When crews are tracking their time each day, LMN Crew will provide details about each task available on each of the jobsites. 

  • Task Instructions will provide the crew with specific instructions for task to be done on the jobsite, or specified by the customer:


  • Job Files will provide the Crew Lead with visual information pertaining to the job and/or jobsite and the task at hand (Note: Your account will need an LMN Pro+ Subscription in order for this feature to be accessible):


  • History will provide an account of the Task or about the Jobsite and the overall Job Performance up to the current date and time.


  • The Control Bar at the bottom of the page will provide an overview of the selected Task and provide an up-to-the-minute account of the current time, indicate the current crew currently selected, and the ability to start/stop time tracking:

  • Press the "Start" button to begin tracking the Crew's time on the selected Task, and any "Crew Notes" will appear to provide jobsite/customer information related to the task, then press "Start Task":

  • Once "punched in" there will be views available to see the crew members currently assigned to the crew:

  • LMN Crew will also provide a live visual indicator of job progress, based on the punch-in time and the number of staff being recorded on the current timesheet:

  • In the main “Control Bar,” users can access additional information about the task currently in progress, such as crew members, overall duration of time, etc.:


  • Scrolling down will reveal the 'Add Visit Updates' section, which you as a Crew Lead can use to:
    • Provide updates regarding the current task;
    • Add site photos (LMN Pro+ subscription req’d); or,
    • To provide information regarding the visit more generally.

  • You'll then be asked to update the status of the “Service Type” (if you are looking at a maintenance job). This view will have an indication of whether the “Service Type” was scheduled.

  • Next, you will be asked to provide a quantity of any materials or items that are being tracked. This can be used by your office for Job Costing purposes, or simply to review how much of each resource was used during your visit.

Skipping a Scheduled Service

While working your way through scheduled services, it may be necessary to skip one due to unforeseen issues such as weather or inability to access the property.

To skip a scheduled visit, click on the scheduled task and click on SKIP VISIT

Screenshot_85.png     Screenshot_86.png

Add in reasons for skipping the visit, for example: "It is raining and we can't mulch."  If you would like the office to reschedule the visit, toggle this switch, and click on Save.


This service is now skipped and is ready to rescheduled by the office.


Timesheet Details

You can access a Timesheet Summary by navigating to the primary dashboard, and selecting the required date you'd like to review the timesheets for:

  • Once timesheet is selected, a view will appear that reads out the status of the timesheet, as well as a summary of the crew members and the hours:

  • User can review the timesheet to view job details, start time, task, crew members, time on site, total crew hours, and end time:

  • If you need to make edits to a timesheet, you can tap on a 'Task Card' to bring up its editable view.


  • If the timesheet is still in “Submitted” status, you will be able to edit the 'Start Time', 'Crew', and 'End Time.'


Submitting a Timesheet

At the end of the day, your last step will be submitting your timesheet for payroll approval.  Before doing so, you'll need to punch out of any currently active jobs and/or tasks:

  • Tap the “stop” button found in the “Control Bar” menu at the bottom of the screen.

  • Next, you will be asked which crew members are finished working on the task. Make sure you unselect any crew member that is still currently working:

  • Tap “Next” to continue:

  • User will be asked to identify which “Service Type” (if scheduled) needs to have a status updated


  • User would indicate if the “Service Type” is “STARTED”, “SKIPPED”, or “COMPLETED”



  • Tracked materials and equipment quantities would need to be identified according to the “Service Type”


  • Then user would be required to provide any “Visit Notes”, “Weather Notes” and “Equipment Notes”



  • If photos are to be attached, user can select from their photo library or use the camera feature on the device and take a photo and attach to the timesheet



  • Current time will be displayed and can be edited if necessary



  • Click “End Task” to clock out


  • From the Timesheet Summary, user can “Add Lunch Time” to indicate a lunch period 




  • To submit the timesheet, click “Review Timesheet” 



  • Review lunch deductions and at the bottom of the page, click “Submit Timesheet”



  • A message indicating the submission was successful will then be displayed


If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.com or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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