Efficiency Scoring in LMN: How to Set up your Jobs/Staff, and Review your Team's Scores

Efficiency Scores can play a critical role in helping your Crew Leads and Operations staff to better understand the percentage of time Crews are spending on unbillable work (such as drive time, loading, or material pickup) vs. time spent at the jobsite.

Because a positive Efficiency score can look different from crew to crew, depending on their route or the nature of the jobs being performed, LMN also lets you set an individualized Efficiency Goal for each of your Crew Leads. 

Properly setting up your Efficiency Scores and Efficiency Goals can be done in just a couple of minutes. Below, we'll provide a thorough walkthrough of that process as well as where to go to check a crew's Efficiency Score from either the LMN browser application or the LMN Crew mobile app.

Setup Step 1: Recategorizing your Unbillable Job Types to 'NonProduction'

Work on a 'shop job' (e.g. time spent driving) will only count negatively to a crew's Efficiency Score if that Job belongs to a Job Type that has been categorized as 'NonProduction' (i.e. unbillable). 

To access end edit your Job Types, navigate to Settings > Jobs >  Job Type:

Job types allow you to customize and create your own job classification within LMN.You can select 2 options for the Job Category:

  • Non-Production -  For analytics and reporting, time allocated to this job is classified as ‘non-production’, contributing negatively to the Crew Efficiency Score percentage. 
  • Production - Conversely, time devoted to this job classification is recognized as productive and billable for reporting purposes, positively impacting the Crew Efficiency Score percentage.

Find any Job Types that are mapped to the Jobs you use for unbillable work (e.g. if you have a Job Type called 'Unbillable' that is applied to your job called 'Shop Time') and switch the Job Category to 'NonProduction.' Now, you're ready to move on and think about Efficiency Goals.

Setup Step 2: Assign an Efficiency Goal to each Crew Lead

First, navigate to Settings > Users & Staff > Staff. From this view, select the Staff Member you want to assign an Efficiency Goal to.

Upon accessing the Goals tab in a Staff Member’s editing modal, you’ll encounter two goal options: A Single Efficiency Goal, or a Multiple Revenue Goals (for different years).

The Efficiency Goal is accessible to all staff members but is designed specifically for Crew Leads. It signifies the Efficiency Score - a percentage reflecting the billable (or productive) portion of their work that the Crew Lead aims to meet or surpass in their daily task. 

When examining a timesheet submitted by a Crew Lead for a crew they led, you can view their actual Efficiency Score for the day and compare it with the Efficiency Goal of the displayed Crew Lead on the timesheet. 

How an Administrator can review Crews’ Efficiency Scores

As an LMN user with Timesheets permissions, you now have the ability to check the Efficiency Score of a Crew as they worked on the timesheet you're reviewing. Here's how:

Upon opening the timesheet to review, you’ll find at the top, a display of the Crew’s Efficiency Score for the work logged on the timesheet, compared to the Efficiency Goal set for the Crew Lead associated with the timesheet.

  • The Efficiency Score signifies the percentage of time the crew allocated to jobs categorized as ‘Production’, such as Mowing
  • The time invested in tasks categorized as ‘Non-Production,’ like ‘Loading/Unloading,’ contributes negatively to the Efficiency Score

(Coming January 30!) How a Crew Lead can view their own Crew’s Efficiency Score

The LMN Crew app gives Crew Leads two different ways to check in on their current Efficiency Score (and how it stacks up against that Lead’s Efficiency Goal) while working through a timesheet:

  • On the Dashboard screen, check the top right corner for a visualization of your current score.
  • On the Timesheet Review screen, at the top of the timesheet.

Please Note: A visit will not affect your efficiency score until it has been punched out of



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