LMN Crew LMN Crew: Day in the Life of a Crew Lead

Introducing our all-new LMN Crew Mobile App!  LMN Crew will be your ulitimate solution for efficient job tracking.

This article will provide you with an example for the flow of a workday using LMN Crew in the field.

To first login to LMN Crew, simply enter the phone number, or email address associated with your user profile in your company's LMN Account.  Additionally, you can also enter the provided username and password provided by your company's Administrative user:


Choose your preferred sign-in method, and once you're setup, sign in to your account.

Screenshot_2.png   Screenshot_3.png

To start your day, you can select the crew you're leading so you can review their schedule.  Here are the scheduled crews for the day:

Screenshot_4.png     Screenshot_5.png

If you select any of them, you get to see jobs and tasks scheduled for this crew today


and in the future, either scroll through days or find schedules on the calendar.

Screenshot_7.png     Screenshot_8.png

Or, you can select different Routes and Groups, and work off jobs within those groups, this is handy when we're catching up with things like rain days, clean ups, or when we're working with Snow events.

Screenshot_10.png     Screenshot_9.png

If you wanted to find a specific job to clock in to, you can always search for it by clicking on Jobs and searching for one

Screenshot_11.png     Screenshot_12.png     Screenshot_13.png

If you wanted to track hours spent on Shop tasks such as "Load or Unload", "Meetings", "Training" or anything other, your office Admin will set up all of these tasks for you under the "Shop Job" and you can find them under the jobsite

Screenshot_14.png     Screenshot_15.png     Screenshot_16.png

You can see unsubmitted timesheets from the past if they were in red under the calendar bar.  

Screenshot_17.png       Screenshot_18.png 

This is helpful for you to ensure you submit all timesheets from past days and remain up to date


Start your day be selecting your scheduled crew


Then, select the employees that make up your crew members from here,

Screenshot_21.png     Screenshot_20.png

click on Add Crew Members, search for their name, select them and click on Add X Crew Members.  You can add as many crew members as you need.


Selected crew members remain with you throughout the day.

Screenshot_23.png    Screenshot_24.png

Review all scheduled jobs in order, every job would display its scheduled tasks.  If more than one task is scheduled for the same job, you would get to see that too.

Screenshot_25.png     Screenshot_26.png     

Note that every job on your list has a Drive Time shortcut for you to easily track drive time.


Once ready to drive, simply click on the green play button


if you have the "Launch directions after starting task" toggle "on", you would be directed to your navigation app automatically.

Screenshot_29.png     Screenshot_30.png

Start driving to your first jobsite!


The purple rotating clock means a task is in progress which is our Drive Time now.


The number indicated next to the service shows the total hours estimated for this service, for this customer.


When you reach your destination, simply start your next task, and the LMN Crew app will automatically prompt you to end your Drive Time first.

Screenshot_35.png    Screenshot_36.png

When ending your Drive Time, you never have to add any notes, track any materials or add photos, you simply ended the driving task and started your next task.


Go through the daily visit instruction and task instructions, and once ready, click on Start Task


As the task is progressing, you can always read the notes again, 

Screenshot_38.png     Screenshot_39.png

review any Files that were uploaded by the office regarding this job,

Screenshot_40.png     Screenshot_41.png

and you can review all previous services completed for this season.

Screenshot_42.png     Screenshot_43.png

Or, maybe check out all other previous projects your company provided this customer fro that jobsite over the past months.


You can always add photos and add notes as the task is progressing, or you can do the same upon clocking out.


If you go back, you would identify the ongoing task as an ongoing purple icon.


Scroll down to review upcoming jobs.


TIME ON SITE shows how long each crew member has spent on the task so far, and CREW HOURS are the total labor hours spent on this task.


When you click on the ongoing task, you can see your performance and efficiency compared to estimated hours per visit - the leaderboard here shows you if you were under, or over estimated hours, to keep efficient job costing.


To see where other crew members are and what they're doing, use the Crew Tracking option on the left sidebar menu


Select crew members to track, then scroll to view their location and tasks.

Screenshot_51.png     Screenshot_52.png

To see details of that task, click on the task and you can review with their photos and notes.

Screenshot_55.png     Screenshot_54.png

By selecting the date on the calendar, you can easily access and review the timesheet of the same crew from previous days.

Screenshot_56.png     Screenshot_57.png     Screenshot_58.png

This feature is available if your company Admin has granted you tracking permissions in our desktop app.


Once done working on this task, you can either start driving to your next job and the app prompts you to end the "pruning"  task first, or you can end the pruning task your self and then start Drive Time, whichever option works best for you!

Screenshot_59.png     Screenshot_60.png

In my example, I will start driving to the next jobsite and the app will prompt me to end my current task first.

Screenshot_61.png     Screenshot_62.png

Review overall time spent on this task.  Try to always meet estimated hours.

Screenshot_63.png     Screenshot_64.png

Click on END TIME, review the in and out times, 

Screenshot_65.png     Screenshot_66.png

mark the service as completed


Add Visit Notes describing your work,


Then you can add your photos by either selecting photos from your phone, or take new photos


You can add notes to your photos, and if a photo is critical, you can mark it as Critical


Click on Next and End task.  This will automatically start your drive task.


At our second jobsite, we will show you how you can track different crew members to different tasks on the same jobsite.

Let's assign 1 crew member to work on the Bed Maintenance task, and the other 2 members to work on the fertilization task.


Start the task, keep only the crew member working on that task, and click on START.  This will end the Drive Time task and start the Bed Maintenance task for that one crew member.

Screenshot_72.png     Screenshot_71.png

Because this service was set up to be a time and material billed service, the office is requiring you to select the Hourly Rate for this service.  Assign rates based on your crew's skill rates.


Now you clocked one crew member out of Drive Time and only that one crew member is working on the Bed Maintenance task.

If you check your timesheet thus far, you would see that the other 2 crew members are still clocked in to the Drive Time task, while the other person is already clocked out from Drive Time.

Screenshot_75.png     Screenshot_74.png

Now, let's start the Fertilization task for the remaining crew members.  Select your crew members from this page,


and click on START, end the Drive Time and automatically you would start the Fertilization task.

Screenshot_77.png     Screenshot_78.png

Your timesheet now reflects different crew members working on different tasks at the same jobsite.


If you're finished at one jobsite and heading to another but it rains, causing you to return to the yard, end the task by selecting it and clicking End task at the bottom.  Then, proceed to clock out.


Mark the service as COMPLETED


If the office wants you to track materials and equipment, you will be prompted to track them here.  You'll get to see estimated amounts for the season and the suggested usage each time you visit.


This helps with accurate job costing by making sure you stick to the estimates for each visit and the overall contract.

Click on Next and continue as we did earlier.

Let's now clock out of the Fertilization task by following the same process.  Mark the service as COMPLETED, track your consumed materials, add in task notes for the completed service and upload any photos if any, and click on End task.

Screenshot_83.png     Screenshot_84.png

To skip a scheduled visit, click on the scheduled task and click on SKIP VISIT

Screenshot_85.png     Screenshot_86.png

Add in reasons for skipping the visit, for example: "It is raining and we can't mulch."  If you would like the office to reschedule the visit, toggle this switch, and click on Save.


This service is now skipped and is ready to rescheduled by the office.


At any moment, you have the flexibility to revisit your daily tasks across your jobs, allowing you to modify the start and end times.

Screenshot_89.png     Screenshot_91.png     Screenshot_90.png     Screenshot_92.png

Please note, these changes will be visible to the office, indicating that your timesheet has been adjusted.


If you wanted to access your timesheet at any time, click the My Profile tab in the left panel.


Here, you will see your daily timesheet.  Skipped visits are NOT included in your timesheet.  

To add any employee who was absent to your timesheet, click on Today's Crew

Screenshot_93.png     Screenshot_94.png     Screenshot_95.png

and find the absent employee, select them and click Mark Absent.  You can select one of the reasons for absence and you can add notes.

Screenshot_96.png     Screenshot_97.png     Screenshot_98.png

This will be tracked on the timesheet for office review.

At the end of the day, don't forget to review and submit your timesheet.  Scroll down to the bottom of your timesheet to have a final review.


On this page, you can review your efficiency score.  This score reflects the total time your team has dedicated to productive work at a customer's job site compared to time spent on non-productive activities, like driving.


The office sets your target, and your score is calculated based on the time allocated to each task, productive time versus no-productive time.  This score is also visible to the office.

If you wanted to make any edits to your timesheets, you can still do that at this stage.  You can change the Start Time and/or End Time of a task,

Screenshot_101.png     Screenshot_102.png     Screenshot_103.png     Screenshot_104.png

add a crew member to a task


or remove one from a task.


To highlight a crew member's late arrival, tap on their name before completing the timesheet, then opt to indicate them as late. 

Screenshot_107.png     Screenshot_108.png     Screenshot_109.png

You can indicate how long they were late and have the option to add a reason as well as a note. 


These details are forwarded straight to the office admin.

If all looks good, click on Submit Timesheet.


If you need to deduct any breaks your team has taken from the timesheet, this is the section to make those adjustments, 


the break can be taken as a team, or on individual slots per each crew member

Screenshot_112.png     Screenshot_113.png

Select No break for today's example and click on Submit Timesheet


Good Job!  Your timesheet is now submitted and you are now ready to navigate through the LMN Crew app!



If you have any questions, please reach out to us at academy@golmn.com



















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