LMN Crew: Using InstaBug to Submit a Bug Report, Suggestion, or Question

InstaBug is a tool built into the Crew App that you can use to effortlessly report any issues you encounter while using the app. This quick guide will show you how to do so.

To initiate InstaBug, just shake your mobile device. This should bring up a 'Need help'? pop-up that will prompt you to either report a bug, suggest an improvement, or ask a question.

All 3 options will lead to a similar form to enter in your request. Take a moment to ensure that you’ve selected the right type of request you want to submit.

Provide as detailed a description as possible of the issue, improvement or question that you’re submitting. InstaBug will automatically take a screenshot of the Crew App when you shake your phone and attach it to the request, but you can also use this form to attach additional Screen Recordings, Screenshots or Photos from your’ Phone’s Gallery. Any additional context you can provide will be helpful for us when we begin work on your issue/improvement.

Please note that InstaBug will only allow for a maximum of 4 attachments on any single report.


If you choose the 'Take a screenshot' option, you'll be brought back into the Crew app where you can navigate to the view you want to take a screenshot of. To take the shot, just tap on the blue camera icon at the bottom of the screen. It will attach to your InstaBug report automatically. 

When you select “Select file from gallery” It’ll open up the Gallery/Photo App on your phone and allow you to select and upload a taken photo or screenshot from your phone.

Tapping the 'Start a screen recording' will similarly take you back into the Crew app where you can navigate to the view you'd like to record. To begin your recording, tap on the red video-camera icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once you start recording, you’ll see the icon turn into a counter. This indicates the screen is being recorded. Tapping the red circle will expand an additional microphone icon, which you can tap to toggle on voice recording if you would like to add narration to your video. When you are done recording, just tap the Stop button seen immediately above the counter.

Once you're done adding attachments and typing in your description, tap the arrow icon seen in the top right corner to finish submitting your request.


As we work hard to improve the Crew app, your feedback is vital -- and InstaBug is the best way to provide it. Not only is it fast and easy for you as a user; it also provides us with detailed information about what you're seeing, so that we can troubleshoot more efficiently. 


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