LMN Marketplace: A Guide

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to LMN's Marketplace within LMN Price List for your convenience.

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How to Search for Vendors in the Estimating Marketplace

  • Build fast & efficient estimates with LMN Marketplace
  • Add Material items from LMN’s Marketplace to your estimate or Material Catalog.
  • View the Vendors Directory for existing vendors in your area.

There are two ways you can search and add materials from the Marketplace directly to your estimate or material catalog.

1. Select an estimate and their respective work area and click on Add Items + Templatesmceclip1.png

  • A window on the right will pop up and be sure to select Material tab and Marketplace mceclip3.png
  • From here you can search for a particular item or vendor based on the distance relevant to your jobsite address.

          -You can add the material straight into your estimate by clicking the green + buttons on the left side of the material

          -Once all your items are added to your estimate be sure to click the Save Changes button so your work area will be saved


2. Select Price List > Materials > Vendors Directory, and from there you can view a Vendor's materials by clicking View Materials and add them to your Material Catalogmceclip4.png

  • In the same screen you can also search the Marketplace for a specific material and see which Vendor offers them and you can add the materials directly into your Material Catalog mceclip5.png
  •    Select Search Marketplace

            -Jobsite Address will default to Company's address.  Adjust Jobsite to site location, if searching for Vendors in the proximity of the Jobsite location

            -Enter Max Distance to Jobsite Address i.e. 50 km/miles to narrow the search


Missing a Vendor? If your preferred Vendor is not in the Estimating Marketplace, select Invite Vendor to ask them to join.  The Vendor will receive an email from you, providing information on the Estimating Marketplace and LMN's contact information.


Invite Your Local Suppliers to the Estimating Marketplace

Streamline your estimates with LMN’s Marketplace

Missing a Vendor? If your preferred Vendor is not in our Marketplace, click Invite Vendor to ask them to join. The Vendor will receive an email from you, providing information on LMN’s Marketplace and our contact information.

Price List > Materials > Vendor Directory > Invite Vendor


For more information about LMN’s Marketplace and why you should Invite your Vendors, click HERE.


Why can’t I see a vendor that should be in the Marketplace?

Vendors choose a service radius to be visible to those within a specific mile/kilometer range.

This allows them to geofence their preferred area of service. So when a jobsite is too far away from the vendor’s preferred area of service, they will not be visible in the Marketplace.

For example:

ABC Stone Supply has geofenced their area of service to only 30 miles servicing only their local contractors.

XYZ Contractors' jobsite address is 50 miles away from ABC Stone Supply.

In this scenario, XYZ Contractors will not be able to find ABC Stone Supply in the Marketplace.


Why doesn't my Vendor's Name appear on P.O report header?

You may encounter some Vendor’s Names appearing on P.O reports while others do not. 


  • Materials added from LMN’s Marketplace will automatically be coded with the Vendor's ID (name)
  • Materials added from Material Catalog may be blank because the Internal field (Vendor Name) was left blank upon manually entry or import via .CSV


To update to include Vendor Name:

  • Simply export Materials (recommended to do so by Category) and add Vendor Name in Internal, column F.  Once updated, re-import into the software and regenerate P.O report




If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.com or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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