Product Release Notes: 20.[XX]

In this article you will find a comprehensive list of all 2020 product releases for your convenience! 


20.04 Product Release


  • Portal Settings - ready to jump into your Customer Portal setup? Check out this video to begin!


  • Referral Source has been added to the CRM Contacts Export file - same great export, but now it’s just better.
  • Customer Portal tab - determine what you want your customer to see (or what you don’t want them to see) when they access their Portal. More information here.


  • Standard Contracts - Did someone ask for progress invoicing for standard work? We built it. Check out this article for more information.
  • Hazard Symbol for $0.00 items - Trying to add an item to an estimate with a $0.00 cost will now show a hazard symbol. Add a cost to drive your pricing and remove the symbol.


  • Standard Estimate Import will now bring over your Payment Milestones (if you built them into your estimate).
  • History & Photos tab now offers a Show All option. Want to see all of your information for that job? Select show all to... you guessed it, show all.
  • History & Photos tab - Ask and ye shall receive! We fixed this screen to show you all information for your selected date range (now including information for your start date).
  • Renew - File carryover - Want to renew a job and bring all job photos with it? We’ve got you! Just make sure the new Copy Job Files option is checked when you renew.
  • Assignments - Feel like making your staff more accountable? Step 1: Assign Salespeople, Estimators, Account Managers and Field Crew Leads to your jobs, starting now!
  • Payments - Review payments made in the portal or manually from Admin. Where to begin!? You should probably check out these articles.

Customer Portal - Invite your customers to review their job details and pay invoices in your new Customer Portal! You should probably check out these videos, release notes won’t do it justice.

Payments - Recording your payments has never been easier in LMN! Mostly because this feature is new. You should probably check out these videos.

Invoice - We’ve got loads of updates here. A couple of notable pieces can be found below, but you should probably check out these articles.

  • Options to Publish/Hide from Portal
    • From an Invoice: When ready, push your Invoice to the portal from the Invoice Action button, using the Publish to Portal option.
    • Multiple Invoices at once: This one has a couple of steps - check out this tutorial.
  • If you make a mistake, pull your Invoice out of the portal from the Invoice Action button, using the Hide from Portal option.
  • Due Date - Invoices now include Due Dates! Although we cannot guarantee that a due date will make your customers pay faster, we have to imagine that it will help!
  • Payment Record - See all of your collected payments for an invoice on the invoice itself. Genius.
  • Outstanding Balance - If your customer hasn’t paid in full, you’ll be able to see their balance here. If you have to, maybe try reminding them of their due date. See new due date feature above.
  • Open Job button - Bringing back old features that you know and love! You can find this button on the individual invoice screen which will direct you to the job the invoice is associated to. Go ahead and use to your heart’s content.
  • Apply Payment option - From an Invoice, you can apply a payment under Invoice Actions.

Invoice List

  • Search option update - So many ways to filter the data you need. You can now search your invoice list by Date or by Text.
    • Search by Date will filter Date Range, Status, etc.
    • Search by Text would filter by what you type in, returning results for: Invoice #, Customer Name, Jobsite Name, Customer Name
  • Published to portal check mark will show you which Invoices are already in the portal. If you don’t see a check mark, see Options to Publish above.
  • Total vs. Balance - see the total value on an invoice as well as what (if anything) has already been paid at-a-glance!
  • Portal Customers Only - “I want to see Invoices for Portal Customers only.“ OK! Filter invoices by customers who have the customer portal has been activated using the checkbox provided.


  • Payment Settings - If you will be posting payments manually, you’ll want to setup Payment Methods in the settings tab. More information on this can be found in this section.


20.05 Product Release

Estimating Marketplace

  • NEW and AWESOME! The LMN Estimating Marketplace will allow you to estimate with materials from Vendors near you! Want more information? Check out  this website for more information, or these articles for instruction on how to use it in your account!

Enhancements/Requests Implemented


  • Contact Estimate Tab - The button to build a Standard Estimate works again - go ahead and build your estimates from here like nothing ever happened.
  • Contact List Portal Checkbox - Check off the Portal Checkbox to see all of your customers who you have setup the Portal for. Haven’t setup the Portal yet? What are you waiting for!? Check out this video for an overview.
  • Blank Jobsites - Something odd was occurring when Customer Estimates/Jobs didn’t have a jobsite, but it’s fixed now. Moving forward, jobsites will be required for any estimate or job you create. If you are unsure of how to create a Jobsite for your customers, please check out these videos.
  • CRM Job Wizard - Add your jobs to a Job Group while you’re setting them up in the Job Wizard. I KNOW.... We are excited, too!

Customer Portal

  • Custom Email Footer Options - More personal email notifications! You can turn on custom email footers so any emails sent automatically from your portal include your custom text. Name, phone number, website link - the sky is the limit! Just kidding, 1000 characters is the limit.

Item Catalog

  • Material Search - You can now search your materials by SKU.


  • Estimate Date - We have removed LMN’s ability to time travel. Estimate date will now default to your current date when you copy an estimate at night.
  • Settings - Default Estimate Name now includes option for Jobsite Name.
  • Template Categories - Back by popular demand!

Time Admin Staff

  • Add New Staff - Leading the charge in innovation, you can now add your admin staff members and set their permissions at the same time.


  • Job Dashboard, Initial View - More is more! Now when you land on the Job Dashboard screen (before you select filters), you will see your first 40 jobs. Use additional filters to see the jobs you are looking for.
  • Job Dashboard, No Group - We’ve fixed the option for No Group in Job Dashboard so it actually shows you Jobs without Job Groups!
  • Admin Assignment - As if they needed more to do... You can now assign your Super Admin jobs.
  • Services, Select All and Delete - We’ve all been there, you copy a job, but don’t need all of the Services that came along for the ride. Solution! Open your new job's services, select what you don't need, then click Delete!
  • Materials, Select All and Delete - Same as above ^, but for Materials.
  • Invoice Schedule - Before the update, your last round-numbered invoice payment wouldn’t have any numbers following a decimal. Now it will.


  • Schedule Review, Type - Bringing you your information in the order you want it in! Your Services will now display in the order you have placed them in from your Settings tab.

Wait List

  • Map View Text Filter - Before, it wasn’t 100%, but now it is. You can search for Jobsite Name or ID now, too!


20.06.01 Product Release

Small but mighty! Our 20.06.01 Release had some big updates to some key applications.

QuickBooks Online Sync

  • Import Payments - You got paid though our Customer Portal and now your QuickBooks can reflect that, too! For more information, click HERE!
  • Disconnect button - There’s a new button in town, and it’s going to let you disconnect from your QuickBooks Online account. For your security, should you ever wish to permanently disconnect.

QuickBooks Desktop Sync

  • Comin’ at ya on Thursday morning, our new QuickBooks Desktop Sync tool will be ready for download from the Quickbooks Setup tab under Account. Using a server and need a couple of day’s lead time? No worries - your old Sync tool will work until you download and install the new one!
  • Import Payments - Available for QuickBooks Online and Desktop. For more information, click HERE!
  • A fancy new look for the powerful sync you know and love. Our QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool got a makeover, but still has all the features you need. See the following USER GUIDE for a quick tour.
  • Helping you become more efficient at every turn: we’re maximizing speed for large syncs. If you’re moving over loads of estimates, timesheets, invoices or payments, you’ll notice it is faster than before!


  • Notification Time selector - Don’t start your day at 6am? No problem! Pick the time for your Timesheet Start and End notifications.
  • Employees missing from timesheets - We heard you on this one and got to the bottom of it! You will no longer need to track your staff down on timesheets they were actually on.


20.07 Product Release

Packed full of new features and enhancements, our 20.07 release is sure to delight you and your team!



  • Company logo
    • Sizing capability - Similar to our Customer Portal, you now have the ability to size your logo after loading it into the system!
    • This one's pretty cool: feel like customizing your LMN account? Check the Use logo for header box to add it to the top-left corner of your LMN account!


  • Express Budget - Don’t have time to create a Company Annual budget, but want to start Estimating today? Create an Express Budget for a fast and easy way to add custom Overhead Recovery and Profit to your work. Check back later this week for a demo!


  • Site Measurements - Measure your customer's property using Google Earth and SAVE THE MEASUREMENTS in your Jobsite for easy estimating and reporting. Yep. You heard that right! You’ll want to watch a demo for this one - check back later this week!
  • Portal Notifications - You’ve setup the Customer Portal and are well on your way to better customer service and faster payment processing! Working to make it even easier, we’ve added the Portal Notifications tab so at-a-glance, you can see which payments were submitted, processed and declined. Check out a tour later this week!
  • Reports - Site Measurements - After you've used the new Site Measurement tool mentioned above, check out our spiffy new report for all the measurements you've saved.
  • Contacts - Portal Setup
    • Portal Users - Yet another way to make you super-helpful to your customers! Check out the Portal User tab in the event that your customer forgets their portal Username.
    • Portal Activity - Our payment processing system in the Portal is so user friendly, but credit card issues happen. Be the first to know if your customer ever encounters issues processing a payment by checking out their Portal Activity screen! 

Item Catalog

  • Estimating Marketplace Search - Using our Estimating Marketplace, you can choose to search by Estimate Address, Shop Address or Custom Address when trying to find a product! Haven’t used the Marketplace yet? Check out THESE VIDEOS!
  • Material Category Drop Down - If you’re updating Materials on your Material list and have a Category selected, the system will remember your selection after the page refreshes.


  • Add Items - Adding Materials from Marketplace will give you the chance to add Warranty, Shipping factor, etc. in the form of a popup. If you want to set this one time for a specific category, pick your category and then click “Don’t show this message again".
  • Add Items - Search for Materials by SKU when adding to an estimate.
  • Add Items - Marketplace - will allow you to search by Estimate Address, Shop Address or Custom Address when trying to find a product!
  • Print Reports - Purchase Order - Estimating from our Marketplace? EXCELLENT! We’re making it easier for you to retrieve the products you quoted by adding the Vendor’s Address to your Purchase Order in the Print Reports tab.
  • Add Site Measurement - Those measurements you saved with our new Site Measurement tool can be called upon quickly and easily using our new Add Site Measurement button.


LMN Academy

  • Making our easy-to-use online learning platform easy-to-access, too :) - Click the LMN Academy tab in LMN Time and enjoy!


  • Job List - Clear Search - There's a new clear option in town! You can find it in your Job List search bar.
  • Default Naming from Copy - Your account, your rules. When you copy a job it will now follow your default naming selection! 
  • + Services - Search Bar - Looking for an easy way to add services to jobs? You can now search for the service you need to pop it in quickly and easily!
  • + Services - Edit as you add - Ever adding services to jobs and wishing you could adjust settings like visit counts and invoice types as you go? Us too! Guess what: now you can.

Job Groups

  • Search Function - If you need to find a job group for editing quickly, you can now use your new Search bar found at the top of your screen.


  • Batch Processing for Invoices - Making payment processing even easier! Your customers can now pre-authorize payments, which means you can process payments for all of your customers with a couple of clicks.


  • Man Hours - From the waitlist you will now be able to see a tally of total hours/crew before scheduling!

Customer Portal

Smartphone Accessible

  • Making it even easier for you to connect with your customers...The Portal that your customers know and love is now available on their smartphone!

ACH Payments

  • ACH Payments are here for our US Members! If you haven't signed up yet to process payments in LMN, what's stopping you!? Check out the following guide to begin HERE!

Credit Card Pre-Authorization

  • A win-win! Your Customers can save their credit card and pre-authorize payments, which is going to pave the way for batch payments for you and your team and will save your customers having to go in each time they have an invoice to pay.

Print/Save as PDF

  • We’ve updated the portal to allow for Printing and PDF generation on multiple screens! Check out the Visit Details, Payment History and Invoice screens in the Portal to see them in action!


20.11 Product Release

So many exciting and functional new features for you, your team and your customers. Our newest release will have you streamlining processes across your entire business!

LMN Academy Login

  • LMN Academy just got easier to access! One login across both LMN and the LMN Academy will allow you to access your LMN training faster from within your account.
    • Click LMN Academy from your left-hand menu in LMN Estimating or Time
    • When you land on the LMN Academy Login screen, click Sign in with LMN to bypass your username/password.
    • More information on accessing LMN Academy can be found HERE.

Customer Portal

We’ve beefed up the Customer Portal for both you and your customer! See below for both Contractor and Customer features.

Contractor Features

  • Email Proposals
    • This one’s BIG... Send professional Proposals via to your lead or customer directly from the LMN Estimate Print Report tab!
    • From the email, they can either
      • Review as an attachment
      • Or Login/Create a portal account to provide feedback, request changes or sign!
    • More information on this new and awesome feature can be found HERE.
  • Publish Proposals one-by-one or in bulk
    • The feature you’ve been waiting for: Publish Proposals to Portal one-by-one or in bulk. One sentence can’t do this one justice. Check out more information HERE.
  • Estimate>New Portal Tab
    • A new tab in your estimate screen where you can see any action taken on a Proposal in the portal. Jump in here to:
      • Remind your customer to review their estimate
      • Review two-way communication
      • Upload files for your customer to view
      • Review Proposal History
    • For more information on how to navigate this page, click HERE.
  • Proposal Tab
    • A quick way to manage published proposals. Click HERE for more information.
    • Action items for this screen include:
      • Review Status
      • Update the proposal
      • Remind your customer to review their estimate
      • Delete from Portal
  • CRM>Mass invites to Portal
    • Save time and invite your customers to the portal quickly! Send invites to multiple customers’ Primary Contact at once from your Contact screen in the CRM. For a step-by-step guide on this feature, click HERE.
  • Portal Activity
    • More reporting from the screen you know and love. Portal Activity has been updated to show new pieces of information:
      • Invites Sent/Approved/Failed
      • Proposals Published/Accepted/Rejected
      • Proposal Changes Requested
      • Customer comments
      • Requests submitted
  • Work Request Review
    • We want to help your business grow - what better way to do that than helping revenue land in your lap!
    • Your customers now have the ability to request work from you directly in their Portal - which means you can review these requests and action them directly in LMN from a couple of spots:
      • Estimating Dashboard
      • To-Do’s and Requests screen
      • Specific Customer>To-Do’s tab
      • Portal Activity screen
    • For a tutorial on Work Requests, check out the following video HERE.

Features for your Customers

  • Email Proposals
    • Picture this: you’re a lead who has asked for a quote for your property. You receive an email which includes the proposal PDF. Also included in that email: a link to provide digital feedback and sign! Talk about next level customer service and a great first impression!
    • When your lead or customer receives a Proposal via email from LMN, they will have the option to review as an attachment, login/create a portal account to provide feedback, request changes or sign.
    • More information on this new feature can be found HERE!
  • Proposals in Portal
    • FINALLY! Your customers will be able to review a proposal, provide feedback, request a change or approve - all from one spot. Click HERE for a walkthrough on this section.
      • Proposals can be signed off on using our Approval button and Digital Signature pad
      • Proposals can be Rejected, including a section for comments on why
      • Requests for Change can be done right from Portal
      • Attachments can be shared for supporting documentation (think site drawings or supplier lists)
      • Two-way communication is available between portal and LMN user
  • Work Requests
    • Designed to help boost your revenue, your customer will now be able to create new Work Requests from the portal, including photos and urgency.
    • Once received, you’ll be able to have two-way communication on the request between you and your customer.
    • For more information, click HERE.
  • Invoice Payment Options from Email
    • Making it easier for your customers to pay (sounds like a win/win to us)! Moving forward, customers will receive an email notifying them of their invoice in the portal and will have two options to pay:
      • Login to the Portal to Pay
      • Pay directly from the email (no login required)
    • After your customer pays, they can also use this email to register for the portal
    • For information on how to send an Invoice via email, click HERE.


  • Budget - Print to PDF
    • Be prepared to rock your next finance review. You can now print your LMN Budget to PDF.
  • CRM
    • Reports
      • Jobsite Export now includes the option to Include Archived Customers (leaving this checkbox unchecked means you do not need to report on Archived Customers).
    • Email Validation
      • As you’ve likely read, we have some new and exciting features for emailing your customer Proposals and Invoices.
      • What we need from you to perform this magic: please ensure the customers you’re adding have a valid email. If you notice a popup on screen asking you to check the email address entered for a customer, we promise it’s worth fixing! :)
    • Jobsite Measurements
      • Google Street View is back...again. When you open a new measurement under a contact’s jobsite, you can now jump into Google Street View.
      • A couple users reported a jobsite measurement disappearing after creation - we were able to locate and fix the vanishing act.
    • Portal Activity
      • In addition to the new and exciting features listed above, you can now access your customer record directly from the Portal Activity screen, so when you find something you need more info on, you can dive in right away!
    • To-Do's & Requests
      • Now that you’ll be receiving loads of Work Requests from the Portal, we’ve made some updates to your To-Do’s & Requests (formerly To-Do’s) screen in LMN to allow you to filter and prioritize differently:
        • Filter by type (To-Do vs. Request).
        • Use your Show dropdown to filter specifically by To-Do or Request.
        • Add New Requests from LMN if you have a Request come in from somewhere other than the portal.
  • Estimate
  • Estimate>Dashboard
    • Changes to the Estimating Dashboard are going to give you better insight into how your estimates stack up. Check out your two new tabs, or click HERE for more information.
      • Profit Reports - Identify your most profitable work and biggest opportunities.
      • Labor Reports - See which jobs will take the most time from your team.
  • Industry Standard Templates
    • Work Area Templates + Production Rate Calculators
      • You asked and we listened. Introducing the new and extensive list of Industry Standard Templates and Production Rate Calculators which are ready to add to an estimate!
      • Import from Samples to your catalog and adjust items accordingly to suit your team.
  • Estimate Statuses
    • Guess what? Now you can send Estimate Proposals and automate Estimate Status changes, too.
    • When your customer signs or rejects a proposal (not that they will reject :)), choose your settings so LMN can flip your Estimate Status for you! 


  • Update Jobs
    • Updating jobs has never been easier! Make adjustments to multiple jobs at once by Adding or Editing Tasks, Services and Materials in bulk.
    • Use the action bar across the top of the screen to filter only relevant jobs for updating - follow the screen dropdowns left to right.
    • So much functionality. This one is a doozy, so we recommend you watch the tutorial found HERE.
  • Jobs 
      • Jobs which couldn’t link to a customer before can link to a customer now!
      • FIXED! After updating a Cost Code name, the change will be reflected immediately in your LMN Time Tasks, too.
      • Consistency is key. We’ve updated your Job Invoice Schedule so when you add an Invoice to an existing schedule in the middle of the contract, it will sort and renumber accordingly.
  • Jobs List
        • From your Job List screen, when you added a Service with a Visit count, the count wasn’t making it’s way to the job. Don’t fret - we’ve fixed the path and the visit count lands in the job as expected now.
  • Live Tracking
    • Map pin colors have been updated to match the legend presented! It seemed like a logical move forward.
  • Invoice
    • We had a small discrepancy in the way invoice balances were being shown for some customers after payment was made - it’s been fixed now and all past instances should be resolved in your account.
    • Invoice Payments via Email
      • Send an invoice to your customer even if they haven’t been invited to the portal yet! This one circles back to our “Invoice Payment Options from Email” update above, but was too good not to mention twice.
        • Moving forward, you can send any invoice to portal from the Invoice screens in Time. When your customer receives their invoice via email, they can:
          • Login to the Portal to Pay
          • Pay directly from the email (no login required)
            • After your customer pays, they can also use this email to register for the portal
        • By the way, if you want your customers to reply back to you on that email, you can update the Reply to Email on the fly from here, too!
    • Invoice Reminders
      • Pssst. Use this as a gentle nudge when your customers are sitting on an unpaid invoice for too long. 
  • Schedule
    • More options to serve you better: Schedule Review can now be printed to Excel!
    • When applying a Schedule Template to a job, you will now be able to see which services have been scheduled vs have been applied to the wait list already. Scheduled was always there, but Wait List is new!
    • Delete Job Schedule from Date Range wasn’t functioning the way we wanted, so we fixed it.
  • Wait List
      • A new Print button to know and love! Print the Wait List>List View to excel for easy reporting purposes.
  • Reports
      • If you’re using Employee IDs, they will now display in the Job History - Time report.

Time App

  • Equipment Tracking
    • From the settings screen, add your list of field equipment to be tracked from the Time App.
    • From an LMN Time Timesheet (app or web), crews will be able to select a specific piece of equipment to record as onsite during their punch in.
    • It’s reportable, too! Check out the new Timesheet Equipment by Job report located under Reports>Jobs.


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