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In this article you will find a comprehensive list of all 2016 product releases for your convenience! 

  • 18.05 - Release Notes


18.05 - Release Notes

LMN's May 2018 Update Notes

Want to see what's new and improved in this release?  Watch this 10 min video for a complete overview of the best of the new features, and read the rest of this article for highlights and links to all the latest and greatest changes.

LMN Budgeting & Estimating


CRM improvements and updates


Estimating improvements and updates

  • MAJOR UPDATE! Brand New, Flexible Estimate Reports
    • We've added a brand new reporting menu for your LMN estimates where you can customize exactly what you want to show (and hide) on each and every estimate your print... (and we've left the old reports in there too for anyone who doesn't want to change!)
    • Way less reports, way more options
    • Choose what you want to show (labor, equipment, etc.), and what info you want to show (pricing, descriptions, etc.)
    • Choose a letterhead option to better print your reports on company letterhead
    • Report headers now formatted for mailing windows
    • Upload your signature and automatically include on proposals (new reports only!)
    • Vastly improved export to Word and/or Excel - Word docs now look just like the .pdf
    • Save your favorite options for faster reports moving forward!
  • NEW FEATURE!  Remembers Your Work Area Template measurements  
    • Estimates now remember the measurements you use when using calculators on Work Area Templates, to make it easier to review your estimates afterwards
  • NEW FEATURE!  Remembers Your Production Rate measurements  
    • LMN now remembers the measurements you used on your production rate calculators, and can display them back to you in the future for easier revisions
  • NEW FEATURE!  Renew Service Estimates 
    • Now you can select a bunch of service estimates and renew them in one step, including automatic date adjustments and even price increases or recalculations
  • NEW FEATURE!  Estimates now accept negative quantities/credits 
    • Now you can show credits in your LMN estimates as quantity fields now accept negative values
  • NEW FEATURE!  Filter Estimate List by Salesperson 
    • Now you can filter your estimate list by salesperson... just drop down the ALL COMPANY ESTIMATES dropdown and choose a specific salesperson
  • NEW FEATURE!  Toggle all work areas as on/off hold in 1 click 
    • Set all work areas to hidden (on hold) or not with a single click.  Just click the heading row in the HOLD column (it now looks like a little 'eye') to hide/show all work areas at once.
  • NEW FEATURE!  Added fields to the LMN Estimates Export button 
    • If you haven't used this report before, you're missing out!  From your Standard or Service estimate screen, you can run an Excel report of all estimates by clicking the Excel button.  Here, you can do all kinds of cool summary reporting and forecasting, and we've added a few new fields to this report
      • Forecast revenue (estimate price * confidence level)
      • Archived
      • Exclude From Stats
      • Subcontractor Costs
      • Other Costs


LMN Time


Scheduling improvements and updates

  • MAJOR UPDATE!  Scheduling Wait Lists
    • We just made it easier to schedule tasks with 'flexible' dates!  Wait lists are useful for tasks like Fertilizing, Irrigation and Cleanups - when you know you have to get it done in a certain window, but can't be sure of the exact date until you get closer... Wait Lists allow you add jobs to a wait list, and will warn you as the due date approaches, and you can seamlessly add wait list items to your schedule by list or even by a map!
  • MAJOR UPDATE!  Bulk Scheduling
    • Cut your scheduling time by 90% or more!  New tools allow you to scan all your jobs for a specific service, then schedule (or Wait List!) all those jobs at once.  
  • NEW FEATURE!  Bulk edits or changes to your Schedule Review 
    • Save time moving scheduled visits around!  Now you can use the Schedule Review screen to select multiple jobs to move dates, change crews, update the status and more.
  • NEW FEATURE!  Faster Scheduling Changes Using the Whiteboard 
    • Our new Edit Sched button on the whiteboard makes it 500% faster to reassign jobs, change dates, update the status or even delete all the jobs for a specific crew on the whiteboard.
  • NEW FEATURE!  Print Crew Daily Reports for Up to 1 Week 
    • From the whiteboard, now you can choose to print up to a week's worth of crew daily reports instead of 1 day at a time
  • NEW FEATURE!  Name of Service Appears on Timesheets for Scheduled Work  
    • If your crews are using the SCHEDULED tab when using the LMN Time app, the name of the scheduled service time will now appear for them - making it easier to know what they are there to do and less likely they'll pick the wrong task!
  • IMPROVEMENT!   Better performance, faster page loads.
    • We've improved the speed of the calendar and the whiteboard by up to 40% for larger accounts.



Invoicing improvements and updates

 LMN Time Staff

Staff improvements and updates

  • NEW FEATURE!  More user permissions 
    • Now you have greater control over what your users can (and cannot) see and do in LMN Time. New permissions include:
      • Timesheet Approval
      • Scheduling
      • Access to Jobs
      • Access to Staff
      • Access to Settings
      • Access to Reports
  • NEW FEATURE!  Find timesheets for Specific Staff
    • Speed up finding a specific timesheet for an employee using the Staff screen.  Simply open an employee, then search for timesheets by date to quickly locate a timesheet for a specific staff member.

 LMN Time Jobs

Jobs improvements and updates

 LMN Time Settings

Settings improvements and updates

  • NEW FEATURE!  Update the Invoice Description for services and materials on all active jobs 
    • Quickly update the customers' invoice description for services or materials using the settings screen.  Open the Settings menu, then choose a service or material.  From there, use the Update Invoice Description option to change the invoice description for that service/material on all active jobs.
  • NEW FEATURE!  Hide Services from Timesheets for All Jobs 
    • Finished with a service for the season (like Spring Cleanups) and no longer want to show it to crews on timesheets?  OR - want to hide services like Fall Cleanups until they're due?  Now, we make it easy.  Simply go to the SETTINGS page and open a service.  Here, you can choose to Hide/Show this service on ALL jobs - so you can hide/show services on timesheets in seconds!
  • NEW FEATURE!  Default Schedule Names 
    • Now you can choose the default format for naming jobs when adding them to the schedule

 LMN Time Reports

Report improvements and updates

 Quickbooks Sync

Quickbooks sync improvements and updates

 Support & Client Services

Service improvements and updates

  • NEW FEATURE!  Faster & Better Live Chat AI
    • AI now scans your chat questions and will automatically suggest answers or videos that have helped others.  This will lead to better support at peak hours or overnight when chat isn't manned live.  Were suggestions no help?  Don't worry!  Live chat is still there, and better than ever to help get you over your hurdle.


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