Product Release Notes: 21.[XX]

In this article you will find a comprehensive list of all 2021 product releases for your convenience! 


21.01 Product Release Notes

21.01 brings an exciting partnership with SiteOne as well as some big strides to help organize your business and LMN account data!

  • SiteOne Integration
    • The pièce de résistance: let us formally introduce you to our new partner, SiteOne! Click HERE to learn more for this one!
    • We want to help you get up and running and estimate faster, so moving forward our US members will have the ability to:
      • Download material pricing from local SiteOne branch*
      • Use estimates to place order directly to local SiteOne branch*
    • Yep. You heard that right - estimate and then order materials all in one spot!
    • *Please note, a SiteOne online account is required for this functionality.
  • Post-Registration Survey
    • Important!
      • Every LMN Member will see a new survey on your first login after our 20.12 release.
      • Please fill it out accurately - this survey is going to allow us to recommend new and exciting account data to you for things like: Settings, Production Rate Calculators, Work Area Templates, etc.
    • Annual Updates
      • We also know that businesses change. So to keep things fresh, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to change your answers once a year!
  • Setting Adjustments
    • New Home for Settings
      • You’ve probably noticed a new icon in town. At the top of your screen, you will now see Estimates, Time and Settings icons.
      • We’ve moved your Estimate Settings to one section (Time Settings to follow in 2021) to make the initial setup of LMN easier.
      • This will also give you permission to only grant certain users permission to change important settings like cost codes, divisions, terms and conditions and more.
    • New Dashboards
      • Want to check in on your setup progress? Checkout the new, nifty dashboards available to you in this section, which will rank your setup!
    • Admin Users
      • Making your Admin setup more intuitive! Moving forward you can create an Admin user and adjust permissions for both Estimating and Time in one place!
  • LMN Time
    • Activities and Services Completed Report
      • By popular request: Revenue Per Service has been added to your LMN Time report!
    • Schedule - Hide Completed Visits
      • Moving forward, you will have the ability to hide Completed Visits from your Job’s Scheduled Visits tab.


21.02 Product Release Notes

QuickBooks Online Integration:

  • Fixed: issue where taxable setting was switched for some line items
  • Fixed: issue where invoice line items were sorted in a different order
  • Fixed: minor UI issues and spelling mistakes
  • Updated: QuickBooks Online integration platform and library

QuickBooks Desktop Integration:

  • New: ability to clear customer and/or job site auto-matching
  • New: ability to skip Payroll Item matching for users who don't use QuickBooks for payroll
  • New: optional settings to include/exclude JobIDs when syncing LMN Time Jobs to QuickBooks
  • New: checkboxes to export all/some invoices to QB when exporting invoices
  • New: inactive jobs are excluded from job matching
  • Updated: QuickBooks Desktop integration platform and library

CRM Mobile App:

  • New: push notifications
  • New: ability to add/edit/delete customer requests


21.03 Product Release Notes

Estimating Marketplace Bug Fixes 

  • Opening the States/Provinces Filter window for the National Subscription vendors without issues.
  • Material Files with SKU duplicates can now be uploaded successfully

Registration Page Bug Fixes

  • Backend Fixes.
  • The result for the validation of the referral code will now be shown to the users.



  • Added warning on session expiry - TWO cases on which the User will be notified
    • When the time is about token expiration time
    • When the token expiration time is already passed.
    • REASON: We don’t want users to lose work because their session times out while they are in the middle of something. Now they will get a warning when their session is 10 min away from expiring.


  • UPDATED Changes to Automated Welcome Emails sent when Inviting New users from LMN TIME(Added Links to the email to redirect the user to the LMN TIME MOBILE APP for Android Play store and IOS App store Devices)
  • Invoices in LMN TIME will now use BUSINESS INFORMATION instead of Routing Information.
  • For Users using Mobile devices to Access and login to LMN Estimate, LMN Time and Settings from Mobile device has been deprecated with a message to notify users to use the DESKTOP to login/register.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes in LMN TIME

  • Invoice schedule dates are now ordered correctly after performing EDIT/DELETE Functions
  • Invoices are renumbered correctly after performing EDIT/DELETE Functions
  • Invoices should open without any issue after merging of contacts in LMN ESTIMATE - CRM section.
  • Tax in an Invoice is now calculated correctly on the Customer Portal screen when there is a credit applied.
  • A small glitch is fixed on Calendar screen when other jobs start to show up randomly when using DRAG and DROP Feature.
  • A small glitch is fixed on Whiteboard screen when crews were multiplying with date change.
  • First Service in the settings app caused other areas of the application to freeze and is now fixed.
  • Titles of the Browser tab is now consistent across all screens(LMN Estimate, LMN Time and Settings)


  • Bug Fixes on the dashboard screen


  • Bug Fixes
  • Added ability to optionally restrict SiteOne material list to only include materials on hand, or include all materials


  • Currently purchased implementation packages will be greyed out in the subscription screen under Account settings to avoid purchasing multiple times by the user

What's new for all subscription types


New! Analytics Menu & Dashboards.

  • Home Dashboard - This is your new one-stop-shop for all of those daily tasks that you need to stay on top of. View current customer requests, to-dos, estimate goal verses actual sold, and CRM activity. This dashboard will help you immediately surface requests from customers so that you can provide good customer service by answering right away. Not to mention you can keep track of what your internal teams are working on with a summary of company to-dos.

  • CRM Dashboard - You have always had a CRM Dashboard but we have given it a facelift so that you can view your to-dos & customer requests, top referral sources, recent portal activity and your top tags. More information on this new feature can be found HERE.

  • Estimate Dashboard - We have taken your existing estimate dashboard to a new level! Keep track of your yearly goals by division - estimates, actuals, revenue, and labor hours. This dashboard will help pin-point areas in your business where you might need to estimate more work, hire more employees or invest in more equipment to keep up with what you're selling. More information on this improved feature can be found HERE.

  • Cost Codes Dashboard - This is a brand new and very informative dashboard. View standard and service estimate totals by cost code - total $ sold, total % won, total % pending, total estimates hours, total sold hours, total sold gross profit %, and total sold net profit %. Easily identify which areas of your business are the most profitable or not, so that you celebrate your wins but also shift your focus to problem areas to better the business.  More information on this awesome feature can be found HERE.

New! Link multiple estimates together.

  • Introducing two new estimate types - enhancements & change orders. You now have the ability to link enhancements and change orders to existing estimates so that you can improve your tracking and reporting by each customer. 
  • New "Estimates (by relationship)" report - pull this report to show all estimate totals related to a customer so that you understand the true value of the relationship.
  • For more information on how to navigate this new function, click HERE.

New! Close Date added to Estimates.

  • We've made it easier for you to independently track the estimate date from the estimate closing date! The best part if that you can filter reports (including excel) by close date so that you can analyze how long it takes you to close your jobs.

New! Customer Portal Estimate Signatures

  • We are always trying to improve and simplify your proposal process so that you can easily get work approved from your customers. Now when a customer signs an estimate via the customer portal, their signature and initials are automatically inserted into the proposal .pdf!

New! Routing Address.

  • You are no longer tied to using one company address in LMN Time. Now you can add a second address to your company profile so that you can have crew routes start and finish from a different address!



New! LMN Time Settings.

  • All LMN Time settings have been migrated to the new settings section of LMN to provide you with a much better customer experience - settings all in one spot 🙌 .


Customer Portal

New! Activate Payments for Customer in Bulk

  • Instead of having to activate payments one-by-one for each customer, you now have the ability activate multiple customers at once!

Update! Customer Portal Dashboard now displays Invoices & Proposal activity

  • Now as a property owner or manager, we have added the ability to view estimates awaiting approval, have been approved or rejected. Plus you can view invoices that have been made available for payments and invoices that have received payments!


What's New for Professional subscription types?

New! Monthly Analytics Email (Professional customers only).

  • Automatically get a monthly update via email so that you have a pulse on the most important items that drive your business growth! The monthly update will include active budgets, new leads, best referral sources, outstanding to-dos & customer requests, estimates created last month and proposals shared last month. For more information on what Pro customers will be able to see in the monthly email, click HERE.


Bug Fixes & Updates 


  • Fixed: Display issues on the dashboard screen
  • Updated! Added warning notification 10 minutes before a user is going to get logged out of LMN because their session has expired.

Estimating Marketplace

  • Fixed: Opening of the States/Provinces filter window for National Subscription vendors.
  • Fixed: Material Files with SKU duplicates can now be uploaded successfully


  • Updated! Added ability to optionally restrict SiteOne material list to only include materials on hand, or include all materials

LMN Time

  • Updated! Added URL link to the automated email that a new user gets so that they can login to LMN Time easily. 
  • Updated! Company Information within settings is now called Business Information. Invoices in LMN Time will now use Business Information instead of Routing Information.
  • Fixed: Invoice schedule dates are now ordered correctly after performing edit/delete functions
  • Fixed: Invoices are re-numbered correctly after performing Edit/delete functions
  • Fixed: Invoices should open without any issue after merging of contacts in the CRM
  • Fixed: Tax on an Invoice is now calculated correctly on the Customer Portal screen when there is a credit applied
  • Fixed: Jobs no longer show up randomly when using the drag/drop feature on the Calendar screen
  • Fixed: Crews will no longer multiply on the Whiteboard when the date is changed
  • Fixed: The first Service in the settings app will no longer cause other areas of the application to freeze 
  • Fixed: Linked Materials will now save as alphabetically when being added to a new Service.


21.04 Product Release Notes


  • Updated! In the Taxes page found within Price List settings, the Rate percentage for a new tax can now be specified up to four decimal places.
  • Updated! Within the Report Settings screen, the “Name on Proposals” and “Email on Proposals” fields are now both optional.
  • Fixed: After using the password reset tool to set a new password, users should no longer be shown an error message when they attempt to log in using their newly-set password.
  • Fixed: A default lunch time set as a PM time within settings should no longer appear as an AM time in LMN Time’s lunch deduction screen (the first page seen after clicking Submit on a timesheet).


  • Fixed! Formatting issues when exporting proposals to Word (.docx) format are fixed. You can edit reports (easily) in Word once again.


  • Updated! Fert/Chem Ticket reports now include Jobsite Measurements, and users can specify a Measurement Type when generating a Fert/Chem Ticket.
  • Fixed! Sorting tasks in a custom order is fixed - you can (once again) re-order and save tasks in a specific order.


21.06 Product Release Notes


New! Invoice from Estimates.

  • Send invoices to your customers 10x faster without having to setup a job in LMN Time. Now you can create invoices from contract payment milestones as well as contract schedule payments within LMN Estimating. This will allow you to easily collect pre-job payments (deposits) from your customers right away! 🥳
  • We’ve made it easier for you to manage your invoices from estimates with the ability to edit, approve, and sync invoices to QuickBooks.
  • Add, edit, delete payments for invoices and send them to the customer portal or via email for payment!
  • More information on this new feature can be found HERE for Standard Estimates and HERE for Service Estimates.



New! Manage Customer Credit Cards in CRM.

  • Simplify your payment collection process! Now you have the ability to add customer credit card information right within the CRM 🤩! Easily update customer credit cards that have expired, delete or even set up auto-payments on behalf of your customers. More information on this new feature can be found HERE.



New! Time Analytics Menu & Dashboard.

  • Staff Revenue Goals Dashboard - Motivate and empower your staff with yearly revenue goals! This new dashboard will give you the information that you need to track sales goals, progress, and revenue earned for crew leaders, salespeople and account managers. Measure productivity and reward or bonus key staff for all of their hard work!
  • For more information on how to navigate this new function, click HERE.



Updated! Schedule Whiteboard.

  • We’ve made your day-to-day schedule adjustments even easier! You now have the ability to toggle between two new views - Weekly View (one crew) or Daily View (all crews) so that you can simply drag and drop jobs for easy schedule management.
  • The existing schedule whiteboard has been completely re-vamped to make all of those common scheduling tasks easier to find with less clicks. Re-organization of buttons, features, and job information.
  • New “crew” menu so that you don’t have to toggle between different screens to apply changes to your crew schedules.
  • Do you have longer job routes that you weren’t able to optimize within the whiteboard? We have improved the job routing and optimization feature so that you can route up to 100 addresses!
  • Check out our updated article HERE.



  • Fixed! Font formatting issues within Terms & Conditions
  • Fixed! You can now clear the “closed date” on an estimate
  • Fixed! Bulk scheduling naming convention consistent with schedule settings
  • Updated! Improved report speed performance - significant wait time reduction
  • Updated! In Customer Portal (CP) the ‘Username’ field will now be called ‘Email/Username’. When logging into CP new Users will be required to use their email in the ‘Email/Username’ field, however existing Users are exempt and can continue to use their Username when logging in.


21.10 Product Release Notes

LMN Lend

  • LMN Lend is our new online lending platform designed to help you gain access to capital to grow your business. Powered by Lendflow technology, LMN Lend will allow you to access business funding for investments needed resources like equipment, materials, staffing, accounts receivable and more! In 15 minutes or less, you can complete the process of applying for business funding — without having to leave LMN — and receive a confirmation of available funds within 24 hours. Want more information? Check out this website for more information and additional FAQs can be accessed here.


  • LMN Pay is our new payment processing platform, designed to help landscapers easily accept credit cards and ACH (bank) payments from their customers in an easy to use, secure and cost-effective way. LMN Pay will help to improve cash flow and reduce costs through lower fees, and offer improved functionality when customers access the system to pay for job invoices, submit work requests, and view jobsite activity photos such as landscaping installation and snow removal. More information on this new feature can be found here and additional FAQs can be accessed here.
  • At this time, LMN Pay is only offered to our US-based users on an opt-in basis.

LMN Refer

  • Check out our new easy-to-use referral platform which incentivizes contractors to refer LMN to other landscape companies. You can earn unlimited rewards by sharing the benefits of LMN with others and even review the status of their existing referrals and referral-based discounts. To learn more about LMN Refer, click here!


  • Jobs
    • Map Functionality for Route Optimization - We’ve heard you! With the new map routing feature, you can now visually optimize your route for up to 50 jobsites!
  • Introducing 5 new Time Analytics features!
    • Division Analytics - Take advantage of our new Division Analytics feature where you can track your invoice revenue by Division. This is a great way to track the volume of work and progress for each division against its divisional goals in order to determine which areas are most successful and/or improvement opportunities. This will allow you to track your financial reporting in greater detail and view more data across different lines of business.
    • Job Analytics - We are always trying to improve and simplify the process of identifying job performance statuses based on budgeted hours. With the new Job Analytics dashboard, we’ll help you dig deep to identify the root causes for inefficient jobs.
    • Timesheet Analytics - Productivity is key! That’s why with our new Timesheet Analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to identify at a glance which employees are logging in promptly, which crews are the most productive, and which teams may need additional support.
    • Invoice Analytics - Be more proactive, less reactive. Using the Invoice Analytics dashboard, you can now proactively focus on areas that need more attention. You'll be able to see the total quality count and revenue of your invoices, the number of automated payments vs manual payments, and any overdue payments. We've made it easier for you to view your invoices at a high level to identify your business trends!
    • Schedule Analytics - With this new feature, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint which crews are the most or least busy in order to allocate your work more efficiently. You’ll be able to see the number of overdue visits, unscheduled active jobs, unscheduled active tasks, and the busiest/least busy crews for both today and tomorrow.


  • Check out our redesigned Whiteboard “Edit Visit” screen for a more seamless user experience!
  • Time Analytics Included in the “Monthly Data Report” Email for Professional Users
    • In addition to your company’s Estimating-side usage, Pro users will now be able to get a run-down of their data related to LMN Time
  • Updated! In the “Files” tab of a contact, you will now be able to filter by the Type (documents, photos, other) and the Source (from contact, from estimates, from jobsites). Files that were uploaded via one of the other “Sources” (contact/jobsite/estimate) can all be viewed from within the same Files tab, without having to navigate away.
  • In addition to specifying an Account Manager and Salesperson in your invoices, you can now use the new Division Dropdown to specify a Division to associate an invoice with. This data will be reflected in the new Division Analytics dashboard, so make sure you check it out as well!
  • Updated! If you publish an invoice to one of your Customer Portal customers via the Portal, you will now receive a warning notification if those Portal customers:
    • Have disabled notifications
    • Does not have the required permission level to view the invoice
    • Is inactive
  • New! You can now specify a referral source in the Estimate view that is specific to that estimate
  • Updated! We have enhanced the logic behind various Time Reports so that they will generate and load faster


  • Fixed! No more “no valid email” warning when publishing an invoice to the Customer Portal from the invoice screen
  • Fixed! Invoices will only show in the Customer Portal dashboard if the portal payments setting is toggled ON
  • Fixed! No more duplications occurring when a user manually changes the due date of an invoice within LMN Time
  • Fixed! Taxes will be rounded per Tax Type sum instead of per Item to ensure the total sum is less affected by rounding to hit more precise figures
    • NOTE: The change to tax rounding will not be applied automatically to existing estimates unless the user opens one and makes changes to it
  • Fixed! The statuses shown in To-Do History reports will be accurate matches to the To-Dos and Requests page from the LMN system
  • Fixed! On the Invoice List page, the Job Name field has been corrected to pull the job names, rather than job site names


21.11 Product Release Notes


  • Finally! You can customize "Extra Services" inside the Service Proposals Report! This has been one of our most requested features. When configuring your service proposal, simply change the "Per Visit/Hourly Service Title" to have it updated in the report.


  • Emails now display as coming from your company. Emails sent from the customer portal now show your company rather than “LMN Customer Portal” as the name of the sender.
    • Update the name displayed under Settings → Company Information → Business Information → Name.
    • When customers reply, these emails continue to reply to your company email address or user email as appropriate.



  • Fixed! No need to clear your cache anymore! For the vast majority of changes that take place with system updates, you’ll be able to see them right away the next time you log into LMN after an update.


  • Customer Proposal reports will now preview and generate much more consistently!
  • Super Admins can now see the Estimating Dashboard because they’re super admins.


  • Replacement calendars now properly keep all scheduled visits when deleting a work calendar.
  • The “Edit Visit” window now correctly shows the “Manager” field in all cases.


  • We’ve cleaned up rare issues customers were having when adding ACH Payments through LMN Pay.
  • You can once again request a void or refund of an ACH payment, however, due to payment processing rules those requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.
  • You can now delete online payments inside LMN which will adjust the open balance for an invoice accordingly. Please note, this doesn’t change anything with the actual payment transaction.
  • Situations where batch and single payments weren’t correctly displayed have been resolved.

Customer Portal

  • Images will now correctly display in the customer portal timeline regardless of their filename.


  • You can now edit completed To-Dos and Requests.
  • Phone numbers now help check that they’re properly formatted phone numbers.
  • File downloads should work much more consistently now.
  • You can now properly close the “No Internet Connection” dialog - we’re glad about that one too.
  • We’ve fixed a number of formatting and display issues to make things a bit cleaner.


21.12 Product Release Notes

Welcome to Greenius!

LMN Customers now have access to Greenius, the green industry training leader and an LMN company. For existing LMN customers that are new to Greenius, you’ll get to experience all that Greenius has to offer free until March 2022.

To quickly sign up for Greenius from your LMN account:

  1. Find the “Greenius” link inside LMN on the left nav in Estimates or Time.
  2. Click the link and follow the screens to connect your LMN account to Greenius:
    • Just set your Greenius password.
    • We’ll sync your employees into Greenius so you can quickly set up training.
  3. Configure your training - set a due date for one of your team members and, if available, enter their contact information within Greenius. Right away, they will become an active Employee within Greenius — where they’ll now have access to (and be assigned) a Jumpstart Training Greenius division.
    • The five courses within this division were specially curated by the Greenius team, and are intended to provide a solid learning foundation for your staff members while you finish setting up more personalized training plans for your team.
    • The courses included in Jumpstart Training are Personal Safety, General Harassment Training, Truck and Trailer Safety, Engine and Fuel Basics, WHMIS with GHS (Canada), Hazcom with GHS (US). Greenius also offers 50+ other courses, the implementation team will help structure your training needs to match your company divisions.
    • Any new employees you add to LMN will automatically get added as pending employees in Greenius so you can assign them training quickly.
  4. Your new Greenius implementation expert will reach out to help you get the most out of Greenius.




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