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Within this article you will have a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Scheduling within LMN!

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How do you see or know that a recurring job is completed?

What does a "completed service" look like on the Calendar?

On the calendar for recurring jobs, you will see a check mark beside the job when a service is marked as "complete" via the LMN Time Mobile App or LMN desktop.


What does a "completed service" look like on the Whiteboard?

On the Whiteboard, you will see the word COMPLETED when the service is checked off as complete.


What does a "completed service" look like in the LMN Time Mobile App?

On the LMN Time Mobile App, icons will appear beside the service if it was scheduled or completed. 

BLUE icon = Service was scheduled for today and has not been completed.

GREEN icon with checkmark (will appear AFTER service is checked off as completed in the Time App/ calendar) = Service was scheduled for today and completed by someone



Why Aren't My Jobs Appearing as Complete On My Calendar?

On the Calendar and Whiteboard view within LMN, you can keep track of whether your Visits have been touched or completed throughout the day by seeing checkmarks next to their name.


If you notice that your foremen are clocking in and out of Jobs, but the Completed 'checkmarks' are not appearing on your Calendar or Whiteboard, there are a couple of things to double check to ensure this feature is being utilized correctly.


The feature to mark a Job as "Complete" on the LMN Time Mobile App by Foremen will only appear if this Job has been scheduled on a Recurring Work Calendar.

If this job has been scheduled to a Non-recurring Work Calendar, the app will not prompt them to mark the job as complete. Delete the Job from the Non-recurring Work Calendar and re-schedule to a recurring one.



Your foremen must checkmark the Service assigned to that visit in order to mark the visit as COMPLETE.

If your foremen are skipping / missing the top checkmark, this will not mark the Job as Complete.


How to Print Crew Daily Reports

From the Whiteboard, you can print up to a week's worth of Crew Daily reports.

  • Log into LMN.
  • Click Schedule.
  • Click Whiteboard.
  • Click Whiteboard Actions drop down in the top-right corner then click Print Crew Daily.
  • Under Crew, leave as [All Crews] or select the Crew you wish to generate for.
  • Under Show For, select the range you wish to generate for (ie. Today, Next 2 days...Next 7 days). mceclip2.png
  • Click OK.
  • Click Open Report.

Your Crew Daily will open in a separate tab in PDF format for you to print or email to your Crews.



How to use Daily Instruction Notes

You can add Daily Instruction Notes for your crew member to view via the Whiteboard or from your Calendar. Daily Instruction Notes can consist of the materials you would like your crew members to use, reminders and customer information etc. 

To add Daily Instruction Notes for a job from your Whiteboard, go to Schedule > Whiteboard > click edit visit icon on the job you want to add these notes to:



OR if you would like to add Daily Instruction Notes directly from your Calendar instead, you can go to Schedule > Calendar >press into your scheduled job.


The same screen will appear as it did from the Whiteboard, put in your notes in the Daily Instructions box:


In the LMN Time Mobile App, this is how your crew would punch into the job to see the Daily Instruction Notes:

a) Create a new timesheet and press on Punch In


b) Select the crew member(s) for the timesheet, press Next, to select the Scheduled Job under your Scheduled Crew 


c) Choose the Job Task, press Next


d) The crew member should be able to see the Daily Instruction Notes along with the task note (if task notes were made for the job's task).


Other than clocking into the job under the "Scheduled" tab, you can search for the job manually by typing the job's name in the search jobs bar OR find it if it's designated under a Job Group name. You should be able to see the Daily Instruction Notes by clocking into the job with these methods as well. 


If your crew member would like a quick preview of the Daily Instruction Notes, they can see it by pressing into the "schedule" tab for their scheduled work > select the Scheduled Crew > press into the blue note icon to display the Daily Instruction Notes.



How to schedule Storm Cleanups or Snow Routes?

Obviously you can't schedule storm cleanups or snow and ice work ahead of time..

LMN Scheduling lets you build what's called an Unscheduled Route.  Unscheduled routes are lists of jobs and tasks in a specific order, that can be added to the calendar at any time in just a few clicks.

You can create predefined plow and salting routes for your crews.  When an event approaches, you simply add the appropriate unscheduled route to the crew (or operator) you want to complete that route. You can even modify the estimated (planned) duration for each site.  You can add or subtract a % of time to the duration of each site based on the severity of the event. This will add the visits to the daily whiteboard.


Once all of your Staff and Jobs have been created in LMN, you can then start creating unscheduled routes for snow.

  1. Login to LMN and click on Schedule.
  2. Click on Unscheduled Routes.
  3. Click the Action drop down menu at the top right corner, then click +New Route. mceclip8.png
  4. Enter the Route Name, Route Description, select the Calendar you wish to assign the Task to, and set the Estimated Crew Size. (Note: Work Calendars will have to be setup previous to adding an Unscheduled Route. If you have not set up a Recurring Work Calendar yet, please click HERE.)


  1. Click into the Unscheduled Route, then click +Add Jobs mceclip9.png
  2. Start typing the name of a Task, and all Jobs containing a Task with the Search term you entered. You can also filter your Jobs by Job Type.
  3. Click the mceclip20.png to add the Task/Job to the Unscheduled Route. mceclip10.png
  4. Once all Jobs have been added, click OK.
  5. To Optimize your Route, click on the Action drop down menu in the top right corner, then click Optimize Route. mceclip11.png
  6. Your Start/End Address will be pulled from the Company Information tab under the Settings. mceclip12.png
  7. Click Optimize and the tool will generate the most efficient route. Click OK.


To Schedule your Unscheduled Route:

  1. Access the Whiteboard.
  2. Click on Add Unscheduled Route.
  3. Select which Route you wish to schedule, applied to which Calendar and for which Crew. You will also have the ability to change Crew Size and edit the Estimated Time if necessary.
  4. Press OK.

Note: An alternative to Unscheduled Routes is Job Groups. If you do not want to have to worry about scheduling routes please refer to the Job Groups tutorial below before making your final decision on which method to use. Job Groups are a great alternative to Unscheduled Routes because the Live Map with update as the crew complete the jobs in the Job Group.


How Can I Make Bulk Edits or Changes using the Schedule Review?

You can select multiple jobs in your Schedule Review to do the following in bulk:

  • Move jobs scheduled dates
  • Change the assigned crew
  • Update visit status (Scheduled, Skipped, Complete, or Overdue)
  • Delete scheduled visits

To do this, first log into LMN and click on Schedule at the top menu then follow these steps:

  • Click Schedule Review in the left side menu
  • Check off which jobs you want to include in your changes using the check boxes next to the job names
  • Click the Edit Schedule button mceclip13.png
  • Select which option you're looking to perform mceclip14.png
  • If changing the date or crew, select the new date/crew
  • Click Continue and then OK to confirm


Scheduling Jobs to Specific Equipment

A recent LMN Academy "student" asked a very interesting question during our Scheduling class, asking if it were possible to schedule jobs to a particular piece of equipment; the answer is "YES".

You can schedule work to either a recurring (maintenance), or non-recurring (Installation) work calendar, and use the name or piece of equipment as the work calendar name.  This would be handy for companies with specific equipment that needs to be used, and there may only be one available, and make sure it's not "double-booked".

Click on the settings wheel at the top left of your window > Click Schedule > Work Calendars > +Add New

  • Create your Recurring or Non-recurring Calendar: mceclip15.png
  • Name the new calendar after the specified Equipment: mceclip16.png
  • Adjust the required settings for the calendar, the "Save": mceclip17.png
  • Open your Installation Job from your active Job List:
  • Under the Schedule section in the job, click Scheduled Visits, then click the + Add button: mceclip18.png
  • Select One Time Job
  • In the dropdown, select the new "equipment" work calendar 
  • Select the task required to be done with the specific equipment: mceclip19.png
  • Follow normal scheduling process and save.


If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 

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