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Timesheets and Payroll (Daily Details) Report does not match

When the Timesheets and Payroll (Daily Details) Report do not match, it could be due to the following reasons:

1) Timesheets have not been set to "approved" status yet, and you have selected "show approved time only?" for the Payroll Report (Daily Details) before generating results for it



2) The timesheet date (when you created the timesheet) and task info dates (date that clock in and clock out occurred) are different


Check the timesheet date (of when it was created) and compare it to the start and end date in "task info"




For example, if the timesheet was created on Sept 9th but the task info is showing the start and end date as Sept 8th, the hours will be accumulated to Sept 8th in the Payroll (Daily Details) Report and not for the day that timesheet was created on. This can happen sometimes if a foreman or crew lead forgets to create a timesheet on the day of and decided to create a timesheet to clock in/ out of their hours the day after or they could have simply made a mistake with the dates.


TO FIX THIS (and the have hours allocated back to the actual date of the clock in and out)

a) Set your timesheets back "in progress" status by clicking on the "edit" button


b) Press into the clock in or clock out time and press on "edit", then click on the calendar icon to adjust the date you would like to set it back to and Submit the timesheet




c) You will see that the hours are allocated back to the date adjusted when you regenerate the Payroll Report (Daily Details)


3) Your employee(s) may have worked overnight. Hours are accumulated in the Payroll Report (Daily Details) from the start date of the clock in but it will not be distributed to the next day for this report unfortunately.



What is the difference between the Submitted or Approved status?

Timesheets can be submitted by foreman/ crew lead and admin users.

However, only admin users would be the one approving these timesheets for payroll purposes because foreman/ crew lead users would not have the ability to “approve” timesheets.

Depending on the report you are looking for in LMN, some reports may require that the timesheets are APPROVED to generate data. Other reports can include “submitted” and or “approved” timesheet information.




How do I copy time from a missed employee?

Your foreman clocks their crew in everyday but sometimes one person might be missed for whatever reason. No need to delete the timesheet and start over, we can add the missed employee to an existing timesheet.

LMN TIME MOBILE APP (Foreman/Supervisor)

  1. Log into the LMN Time Mobile app.
  2. Select the Timesheet you wish to add the employee to.
  3. Select the Menu button (three-lines located at the top-right corner)
  4. Select Add Crew Member.
  5. From the available list of crew members, select the one you would like to add.
  6. Select the drop-down Copy time from to select which employee you wish to copy their time from.
  7. Select Save.

LMN BROWSER (Administrator)

  1. Select the Timesheet you wish to add the employee to.
  2. If the Timesheet has already been Submitted, click on the edit button. This will prompt a pop up message that says "editing this timesheet will change the status back to in-progress". Press Yes. 
  3. If the Timesheet has not been Submitted and is still In Progress, press the edit button to drop down the edit menu. 
  4. Select Add Employee in the Edit drop down menu.
  5. Select the drop-down next to Add and select the employee you wish to add to the timesheet.
  6. Select the drop-down next to the Copy time from to select which employee you wish to copy their time from.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Re-submit the timesheet by clicking on the Submit button


How do I Hide Services from Timesheets for All Jobs?

Finished with a service for the season (like Spring Cleanups) and no longer want to show it to crews on timesheets?  OR - want to hide services like Fall Cleanups until they're due?  Now, we make it easy.

To update a Service's Invoice Description, Show/Hide from Timesheets across all of your Jobs:

  • Go to Settings>Jobs and select Services.
  • Select the Service you would like to change either the Invoice description or that you would like to show/ hide from timesheets.
  • Click Update All Jobs button.
  • Select one of the following: Update Invoice Description, Hide From Timesheets or Show On Timesheets.


Note: This will update the Invoice description, Hide/Show on Timesheets across ALL jobs that have this Service assigned to it.


Does LMN have GPS tracking on my Crews?

LMN tracks the actual GPS coordinates of your crews every time they punch in and/or out of a task or jobsite.

GPS locations are only tracked when an employee is punching in, or out, or otherwise interacting with the system. Employee locations are not visible when they are not using LMN.

When your staff are punching in or out, you can see:

  • Whether your crews were actually where they said they were
  • Whether they filled out their timesheets at night at the shop
  • Which foremen are consistently not filling out their timesheets properly
  • How far away your crews are from jobsites when they actually clock in
  • Whether the crews changed the date/time of their clock in or out time



If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.com or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 

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