Sep 2023: Next-Gen Analytics

It’s here! LMN Analytics, the next generation of LMN dashboards and reports.

Unlock better business insights with 11 new, highly-interactive dashboards including Job Costing Analytics, Sales Pipeline, Customer 360 and more.


Watch our deep dive into LMN Analytics

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Join Mike Lysecki, LMN's CTO to get a deep dive and tell us what you want to see next!


Find the the new reports and dashboards under the Analytics menu item, in the main LMN Menu.


  • No new permissions, if users have default access they’ll be able to see their own data in the dashboards, if they have admin access they’ll see all data in dashboards.
  • We’re just getting started, at least 11 more dashboards coming in 2023!

Updated nightly!

Dashboards refresh nightly, so you’re never more than a few hours away from the latest data. As we move forward, we also expect to add more real-time views in the future.

Interactive widgets & advanced filtering

Analytics - Filters & Interactions 2.gif

Explore the filters and dashboard widgets to see how they work.

  1. Date Ranges - relative or static. This year? All time? Past 60 days. We have you covered.
  2. Filters - detailed filters that allow for single, multiple, or search based selects. Each dashboard is really hundreds of views in one.
  3. Drill downs - widgets click through to other dashboards or lists allowing you to drill into the details you need.

Export Data to XLSX or CSV, create dashboard PDFs.

On any widget, click the download icon and choose XLSX or CSV to export the data. For best analysis we recommend not keeping cells merged.
Analytics - Exporting.gif
Use the 3-dots menu at the top right of your dashboard to "Export to PDF". Note that .PDFs have a fixed margins - wide data may get cut off from PDF export. For wide data, we recommend exporting to XLSX or CSV.

11 New Dashboards to Explore

image (11).png

  • Sales, CRM & Estimating:
    • Sales Pipeline - sales funnel analysis as broad or narrow as you need it
    • Customer 360 - how are things going with a customer or multiple customers
    • Estimate Analysis - now you can analyze performance of multiple estimates by division, CRM tag, estimator and more.
    • Estimates by Geo - understand your density and where opportunities are
    • Estimate Listing - not that visually exciting, but built for those who want to get data out to do their own analysis
    • Estimate Reports - get estimate lists by different date parameters
  • Jobs & Job Costing:
    • Job Cost Analysis - Job costing analysis for the whole company or filter by Job Group, Division, CRM Account and more. Now see job cost insights at the level you need.
    • Jobs Over by Geo - where are your jobs running over hours? See if there’s any trends by location.
    • Job Listing - a list of jobs so that you can explore on your own.
  • Staff Performance:
    • Salesperson - designed for viewing an overview of a single salesperson, take a deep dive into their insights
    • Estimator - like the salesperson dashboard, but for estimators
  • Coming Soon
    • Material & estimate item analysis
    • Visit performance and efficiency
    • Plus many more


Also New: Jobs Statuses

Mark jobs individually or in batch as:

  • Pending
  • In Progress - with a percentage complete
  • Complete

Job Statuses.gif

Use the new Job Costing Analysis dashboard and filter by Completed jobs to just see jobs that are fully complete. Keep an eye on this space, we’ll be using Job Status for more in the future, including working to automate status updates.






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