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Within this article you will find all the Troubleshooting guides related to QuickBooks Online Error Codes for your convenience! 

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ERROR: InitializeDatabaseInformation: Could not find accounting settings information for account xxxx

If you are exporting data to QuickBooks Online and get the following type of error log please go to Settings > Integrations> QuickBooks.  You should see blank drop-down menus.



This is what is causing this error. If you make sure those options are selected and not blank, the QuickBooks Online sync will not give you this error. 

[info Jun 14, 2018 6:11:57PM -05:00] **Beginning Publish Operation**
[ERROR] InitializeDatabaseInformation: Could not find accounting settings information for account xxxx
[info Jun 14, 2018 6:11:58PM -05:00] **Publish did not Succeed.**


If you still get this error message and you see no missing fields in your QuickBooks Settings, please try changing a setting, change it back and Save to refresh that page.

The same error might also occur, if an invoice is set as "closed", the LMN Sync tool will not be able to find it. Put the invoice back into "approved" status set it to "export to QB" then try syncing it again.**


Error: Customer specified by ID does not exist in QuickBooks

This error is common with QuickBooks Online when exporting from LMN and you haven't completed the Linking Customers in the Sync Tool setup.


To resolve, within the QuickBooks Online LMN Sync Tool go to Setup >Link Customers and link ALL or the UNMATCHED Customers reported on the error log then click Save Settings.


Another reason this error may occur is the Job in LMN is inactive.  This is most common when exporting Payroll and is because you are unable to export information for a job that is inactive. 

To resolve, go to LMN and reactivate the deactivated job.  Then return to the Sync Tool go to Setup >Link Customers and link the corresponding Customer.  Once complete, export Payroll, return to LMN and deactivate the reactivated job.


ERROR: Object Reference Not Set to Instance of an Object

Are you getting an Error as a Job Status after marking your LMN estimate for queue when using QuickBooks Online? If so, here's a list things to double check to ensure that your Setup settings have been completed properly.

Example: Object reference not set to instance of an object.

99% of the time, the reason the Error message occurs is due to a failed match between the following:

  • LMN's Cost Codes and QuickBooks Online's Service Items
  • LMN's Cost Codes and QuickBooks Online's Classes
  • LMN's Customers and QuickBooks Online's Customers
  • LMN's Staff and QuickBooks Online's Staff/Employees
  • LMN's Tax Codes and QuickBooks Online's Tax Codes

    To ensure that a failed match between any of the following above is not the problem, please do the following:
    1. Log into your LMN account by clicking here: www.my.golmn.com.
    2. Find the QUICKBOOKS tile and click on it. Then, click QuickBooks Online.
    3. Log into your LMN QB Online Sync (same username and password as your LMN account).
    4. Find the SETUP tile and click on it.
    5. From there, go through each of the sections Link Service Items, Link Classes, Link Customers, Link Staff, Link Tax Codes and double check that there is a successful match between LMN's fields and the fields which are showing from your QuickBooks Online account.

For example:

When going through the Link Service Items matching, to verify that your QuickBooks Online Service Items were matched properly to LMN's Cost Codes, make sure the LMN Cost Codes used in your estimates are matched to QuickBooks Online Service Items.

When going through the Link Customers matching, to verify that your QuickBooks Online Customers were matched properly to your customers listed in LMN, make sure the LMN customer(s) used in your estimate(s) are matched to QuickBooks Online customer(s).

When going through the Link Tax Codes matching, to verify that your taxes are matched properly between LMN and QuickBooks Online, make sure that the QuickBooks Online field does not show a NON or TAX option. These options must be filled with a proper tax code with an actual tax rate.


ERROR: Estimate Publish Exception: ValidationException was thrown

If you are getting the error that says "Estimate Publish Exception: ValidationException was thrown.", make sure that:

NOTE: If you are a user of QuickBooks Online Canada you must turn taxes on in your LMN QuickBooks Online Settings. To check if your taxes are turned on, do the following steps:

  1. Login to https://accounting.golmn.com/#/login
  2. Open the Estimate/ Invoice menu on the left side
  3. Open the Settings sub-menu
  4. Check your tax settings - they must be set to My Company charges Sales Tax (Taxes ON). 
  5. Be sure to click the Save button if you've changed this setting


Another troubleshooting step for this error on QuickBooks Online is an issue with unit price multiplied by the quantity.

To resolve:

Find the workarea/ service area with the value listed in error, there is an issue with a unit price for that value - the amount is not equal to the unit price multiplied by the qty. To resolve, open estimate listed in error log and within the workarea(s), find the value, and double-check math based on the quantity. It may be off by 1 penny which is causing error, correct, and queue for export.


ERROR: Unknown export type encountered: -1

This error is caused when trying to export estimates into QuickBooks for invoicing because you have not finished setting up your LMN QuickBooks settings.

  1. Login to LMN
  2. Click on QuickBooks
  3. Click on Setup
  4. Make sure all drop-down menus have something selected or the export will not work
  5. Make sure you click save
  6. Try to sync your estimate again and it should work, if not, please contact LMN support 


Exception: Validation was thrown. Details: The number is not within supported range. Min: 0: Max:59 supported. Supplied value:-15

If, when attempting to sync timesheets, you are receiving such error message in your QuickBooks Online log, you are told exactly which timesheet the error message applies to and what value to look for.

In the example below, see highlighted area: error message indicated *Queueing B4-12 - Cale Giles - Aug 12, 2022 0:-15 (the value -15 on that timesheet is the exception triggering this error):


To Solve this issue, do the following steps:

  1. Go to LMN  > Timesheet List > Look for that exact timesheet
  2. Adjust the punch in/ punch out field with the value indicated by error log
  3. Save changes and make sure the Timesheet is an Approved status
  4. Open the LMN Sync tool
  5. Republish the timesheet



ERROR: Error message when trying to Connect to QuickBooks Online

If at any point after clicking the Connect to QuickBooks button you encountering the following error message (see image below), you may not have the necessary Security Administrator privileges assigned to your QuickBooks Online profile to permit the connection. 


You can either have the QuickBooks Administrator enter their login credentials for the LMN setup OR have your QuickBooks user account updated to a higher level of security access.


Once this has been updated, you will be able to continue with the setup process.


If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at support@golmn.comor reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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