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Within this article you will find all the Frequently Asked Questions related to your Account and Account Settings! 

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Account Setup



Pro Plus - Monthly Account Email

A feature available to Pro Plus subscribers, is the monthly analytics email being sent automatically to the Admins with "Security Admin" permissions which will highlight some of the key statistics within their LMN Account.

The email will feature key analytics and highlight certain operational and estimate performance data from the account.

The report will include the following each month:

  • Active Budgets
  • New Leads
  • Best Referral Sources
  • Outstanding To-Do's and Requests
  • Outstanding To-Do's and Requests (by user)
  • Estimates Created Last Month
  • Proposals Shared Last Month



What is the difference between Super Administrator and Administrator?

Super Administrator: This is the person who originally created the LMN account and has the capabilities to manage all Administrators. The Super Administrator is the only one who can make changes to the LMN Membership.

The Super Administrator can set Administrators permissions so that they have full access (in LMN -> Options + Support -> Set up Security -> Edit and Save).

Administrators: Have the ability to manage LMN Estimating + Budgeting and LMN Time.


Setup Customer Proposal information and Logo

Setting up your Company information and logo is especially important for good-looking proposals.

Your customer proposal header and footers will be populated with your logo and other company contact information, and the text comes direct from the Settings > Report Settings.

 In order to have accurate information populated on the proposals and estimates reports, make sure to have it properly set up:

1. From the main Settings menu, click the Report Settings


2. Fill out your company contact information. Make it neat and professional for polish, professional appearance on your customer proposal.

3. Upload your company logo


4. You can also include the name and email to appear on the customer proposals, as well as upload a proposal signature to have it digitally signed


5. Click the Save Changes button in the upper right to save your changes.

Note: To change or edit the email on the customer proposal footer, be sure to update the email under information.



Setup Your Company Information and Logo

Setting up your company information and logo is especially important for good-looking estimates.  Your estimate headers and footers will be populated with your logo and other company contact information, and the text comes direct from your Settings > Account > Company Information menu.  This logo will also be used in your Customer Portal setup

To setup your company information:

  1. Click the Settings menu 
  2. Click the Company Information option under Account settings: mceclip4.png
  3. Fill out your company contact information.  Make it neat and professional-looking for a polished, professional appearance on your estimates
  4. Upload your company logo: mceclip5.png
  5. Be sure to check the "Use logo for header" box, so your logo generates on your proposals: mceclip6.png

Logo Note:  For best results, your logo should be oriented horizontally and have an aspect ratio of no greater than 5.8:1. This means that if your logo is 580 pixels wide, it should be no higher than 100 pixels to display optimally. You may upload higher resolution artwork, as long as it is at or close to the 5.8:1 aspect ratio in the preceding example. For assistance with your logo, please contact LMN Support.

**Your logo must be in .jpg or .png format


Setup Your Notifications

You can set up your LMN so notification e-mails are sent automatically when:

  • A lead gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do assigned to you has it's item status changed by another user
  • When a To-Do assigned to you is changed by another user

Please note: by following the steps below, you will be setting up notifications for your username only.  If you want your staff/colleagues to receive notifications for the above as well, they will need to follow the steps below in their username.

To set up notifications, click Notifications under the Personal Settings menu from the main Settings:


To enable this feature please follow the following instructions:

  • Click on the Notifications button shown above.
  • Check off each box for which notifications you want to receive
  • Enter an e-mail CC List, if applicable.  For instance, if your manager/owner wants a notification anytime a lead is assigned to you, you can enter their email in the CC List box.
  • Click the Save Changes button at the top right when finished




Making adjustments to your logo

Common Logo Issues

If your logo doesn't fit or gets cut off after uploading it into LMN, it may be because:

a) the dimensions of your logo is too big

b) it is not oriented horizontally (this happens if you have a square-shaped logo)

To fix this, you can add a white horizontal background by using a graphics editor program such as Paint:

1) Open your logo with Paint.

2) If your logo is too big, you can re-adjust the size by pressing on CTRL W

3) In the "Horizontal" section, put in the percentage (i.e: 50 to shrink it down by a half) that you would like to resize your logo to. You may need to go through some trial and error to get the right size. 


4) On another tab, open another Paint page and create a white background that is oriented horizontally like so:


5) Copy and Paste your adjusted company logo (press on Select > Select All > right click on your mouse, choose Paste) onto the white background



6) On the top right corner of your Paint tab, press on File > Save As > JPEG picture or PNG picture (Your logo must be in .jpg or .png format)

7) Upload your logo into Settings > Report Settings 


8) You can make your logo appear bigger if you drag the box inwards. Once you have the desired size fixed, press Confirm, click on Save Changes at the top right corner to ensure your logo has saved properly.



How to Reset your LMN Password

If you can't remember your password.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Forgot Password button
  3. A link to reset your password will be emailed to the email that you used to register your user account.
  4. If you still can't access your account, reach out to us at or 888-347-9864.


If you just want to change a password.

  1. Login to LMN
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click LMN Users
  4. Open the user whose password you want to change
  5. Click the Reset Password tab
  6. Enter a new password and Update Password then Save
  8. mceclip11.png


  1. Login to LMN
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click My Profile if it is your password you wish to change mceclip12.png
  4. Select Change Password
  5. Enter in your Current Password and then two entries of the new one
  6. Hit Save Changes mceclip13.png


How Do I Change My Account's Super Admin User?

To change your LMN account's Super Administrator User, we will need documentation sent to us in writing to process the change. This document is required for security purposes.  Please send the following to :

  • Written document (scanned document is fine) indicating the change from current user to new user
  • Document should be on company letterhead and signed by owner to acknowledge the change

Once the above information is received we can make the change to your account.


Why Do I Get The Error: "Username is already in use"?

For security reasons, users have to be unique across our entire database.  Every user MUST have their own, unique user name.  Just like an email address, a username can only belong to one single user.

This message is telling you that someone else, has already registered that username for a different account.

Ex. If you're trying to add a username of 'jsmith', it's highly likely some other user has already taken that username.



How do I delete a user?

It is highly advised that users are Archived / marked Inactive instead of deletion; however below are the steps should you desire to fully delete.

The Super Administrator or an Administrator that has the security permissions to change account information are the only people that have the ability to delete a user.

    1. Log in to LMN
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Under Users & Staff > Setup Users
    4. Scroll to the users name that you would like to delete
    5. Click the Trashcan button


If a message pops up saying that you cannot delete the user, you must reassign any budgets or estimate to someone else, you will have to click the reassign button beside the users name and reassign all budgets and estimates to another user so they are not lost.

      1. Open the user you're trying to delete
      2. Click the Reassign tab
      3. Select all their budgets and reassign them to a different (active) user
      4. Select all their estimates and reassign them to a different (active) user
      5. Click Save to return to the users menu
      6. Click the Trashcan button to delete the user now that no budgets/estimates belong to them


Once you have reassigned the budgets and estimates, refresh the page, and try to delete the user again.


If you would just like to change the username, password and email instead of deleting the person that can be done too.

To change the username, email or password:

      1. Click the Settings > Users & Staff
      2. Click LMN Users 
      3. Click the persons name that you would like to change the username or email
      4. Use the Basic Info tab to change the user's email
      5. Use the Reset Password tab to reset the user's password


How do I change a username or email?

Yes, a username or an email can be changed on the account BUT it has to be done by someone that has Security Admin permissions. If you do not see the options listed below, please contact an Admin at your company!

To change the username, email or password:

  1. Click the Settings button at the top of the screen in LMN
  2. Click the Setup Users option on the left hand menu
  3. Click the user's name to open the Edit User screen
  4. Use the Basic Info tab to change the user's email or username



If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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