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Within this article you will find all information related to managing your LMN Subscription for your convenience!  

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Managing Your LMN Subscription

To manage your LMN subscription:

  1. LOGIN to an LMN account (you must be logged into an account that has Security Admin permissions set to ON), then click on Settings
  2. Under Account menu, click Subscription mceclip0.png
  3. After opening the subscriptions page, select the LMN package you wish to upgrade to then follow the on screen prompts to make the switch mceclip1.png

Please note that at this time, LMN currently accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Visa & Visa Debit
  • MasterCard & Mastercard Debit
  • Amex
LMN does NOT accept:
  • Interac Debit
  • Discover
If you are attempting to pay with Visa/Mastercard (Debit or not) and you are experiencing difficulties successfully processing the payment, please speak with your banking institution to ensure that the charge from LMN is not being blocked.


Change your LMN Subscription Package

  1. LOGIN to an LMN account (you must be logged into an account that has Security Admin permissions set to ON)
  2. Click Settings > Under Account menu, click Subscriptionmceclip0.png
  3. See below for the subscription changes that can be made:

Upgrade My Free Trial Account

After opening the subscriptions page:

  1. Confirm the subscription package you wish to sign up for (LMN Pro or LMN Pro +Plus Pack).
    If you were referred by a friend, enter their Referral Code in the respective field. Click Next.
  2. Confirm the Implementation Package you wish to purchase. Click Next.
  3. Enter Payment Information. Click Upgrade.

Congratulations! A member from our Professional Services team will be in contact with you shortly.

Upgrading from Pro to Pro Plus

It can be common to make the switch based on some of the distinct features in the Pro Plus pack as covered in these articles:

Invoice Automation

Bulk Invoicing

Jobsite Files/Photos Upload

Uploading Photos to Timesheets

Uploading Photos to Estimates

Switching from Pro to Pro Plus subscription can be a common crossover.

Follow these steps below to make the switch!

  1. Log into your LMN Account Click here to log in.
  2. Click Settings > Under Account menu, click Subscriptionmceclip3.png
  3. Within the Add-On Packages section, click Subscribemceclip4.png
  4. Acknowledge the check box once Terms and Conditions have been read and Select ‘Pay $ amount’ mceclip5.png

With this, you are now equipped to enjoy the convenience and benefits of our Pro Plus pack.


Self Serve Billing Portal: Invoices, Statements, and Card Info

Our new billing portal allows users to view and manage all their account information such as:

  • Edit your company info/billing address
  • View your current subscriptions and billing dates
  • View + print past invoices
  • View + print a current account statement

To access the billing information portal, simply go to Settings (gear icon) > Under Account menu, click Subscription


Click View/Update


After clicking View/Update from the Payment Information, another window will pop-up and from here you can:  mceclip8.png

  • View your Existing Balance 
  • Manage your Payment Methods
  • Review your Subscription mceclip9.png
  • Review your Invoicesmceclip10.png
  • Review your Statements for an itemized breakdown of your chargesmceclip11.png mceclip12.png
  • The menu on the top right also has the option for you to edit your Profile as well!

Please note: if a new tab does not direct you to the Billing Portal after clicking "View/Update", it is due to your browser pop-up blocker preventing the page from opening. You will need to grant our website permission to allow pop-ups to be displayed.

Why cant I see the Billing Portal?

If you are unable to access the LMN Billing Portal using the steps above, please use the below troubleshooting methods.

Do you have Accounting permissions?  If not, please reach out to your company's LMN Administrator to have your username updated.

Do you have a pop-up blocker on your computer?  The LMN Billing Portal will open in a new tab.  If you click on Payment Info and nothing happens, please follow the steps below (based on your browser).


  1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click Settings and then Privacy and security
  3. Under Privacy, click the Site Settings button.
  4. Scroll down to Pop-ups & redirects 
  5. Under "Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects" add [*.]


  1. Click the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of your screen and click on Options.
  2. Click on Content.
  3. Beside Pop-ups, select Exceptions.
  4. Under Address of Website, enter and click Allow.
  5. Click Save Changes.


Adjusting your LMN Subscription Payment Method

You can change/edit your credit card, or your billing information through the LMN self-service portal.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Settings > Under Account menu, click Subscriptionmceclip6.png
  2. On the Subscription screen, look for the Payment Information section and tap the View/Update buttonmceclip7.png
  3. The subscription management portal will open in a new tab.  If you don't see a new tab open, make sure you allow popups from LMN - your popup blocker may try to  block this new tab on your first attempt. mceclip16.png

On this screen you can:

  • Add a new credit card 
  • mceclip17.png
  • Set a credit card to be your default billing card
  •  Edit your credit card information or billing address information [Click Edit to adjust]
  • mceclip18.png
  • To replace the existing payment method [Click Edit to adjust], you must first add the new payment method*


How to Pay your LMN Subscription Balance Owed

In the event you cannot access your LMN Account, you have the ability to pay your balance owed and have access instantly. 

In order to pay your subscription, you can do so by following these directions below:

  1. Click Settings > Under Account menu, click Subscriptionmceclip6.png
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to click View/Update within the Payment Information section. mceclip7.png
  3. A new tab will appear where you can pay your balance directly within ‘Invoices’. You may also update your payment method by clicking Manage mceclip21.png
  4. Within the Invoice tab, click ‘View’ on the far right to access your invoice. You will see a green Make Payment tab to pay your invoice directly. mceclip23.png


LMN Cancellation Policy

**Please do not solve your cancellation ticket from this article so we can avoid any disruption to the process.**

You're free to cancel LMN at any time we just require 30 days notice as per Section 5.2 in our service agreement.  There are no term contracts that you're locked into.

To cancel your account please send us an email to from the Main/Primary Contact of the account.  For your security, we cannot process cancellations over the phone, a request in writing must be received from the primary email address (Super Admin) on the account.

Once received, one of our reps will reach out to confirm the cancellation via phone and then process the cancellation.



If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Team via email at or reach out to us through our Live Chats feature or by Phone: (888) 347-9864! 


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