update LMN Annual Update Checklist

The LMN business management software for the Landscaping Industry is designed to make processes simpler, easier, and more importantly, more efficient - but to manage this, the software needs to be regularly maintained, optimised, and when appropriate - updated.

Knowing how often you should be reviewing your LMN account isn't exactly an easy task - and it largely depends on your own individual circumstances, and when the last time you checked over the account.

For quite sometime, LMN users have been asking for an easy-to-follow checklist that will provide them with an outline of what features and tools require updates year after year, and also to ensure that nothing is missed to disrupt the overall efficiency that LMN can provide.

Below, you will find a downloadable document that you can use to manage this process, and also provide you with the steps necessary to ensure your LMN account is 100% updated on an annual basis.


Download the LMN Annual Update Checklist HERE


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