FAQ: SMS Messaging with LMN

  • Q: What is the one-time fee for?
    • A: Sending SMS messages is highly regulated and requires business verification. This fee is required to cover the costs associated with:
      • Verifying your company as a sender
      • Registering your company to send SMS messages through LMN
      • Initializing the phone number(s) that your company’s SMS messages will be sent from
  • Q: Is there any limit on who I may send text messages to?
    • A: In both the United States and Canada, there are regulations that require you to have obtained an opt-in from your customer before you may send them messages via text. Failure to ensure that opt-ins have been received from your customers, may result in a suspension of your ability to use LMN's SMS functionality.
  • Q: Why can’t I send any messages until Verification is completed?
    • A: In the United States, the laws that regulate Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging have become more stringent over the past few years. Verification is the means through which our SMS delivery partner can ensure that those who would potentially be sending SMS’s via LMN are legitimate businesses and, critically, are positioned to perform those sends in a way that is compliant with regulations. As a best practice, we enforce this for our Canadian customers as well.
  • Q: Are there any steps I can take to ensure that Verification goes smoothly?
    • A: Yes! You can take the following measures to increase your chances of a successful verification:
      • Ensure that your company website has posted Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions pages for customers who use it to get in touch with you via, for e.g., a contact form.
      • Double-check that the business name you've entered in the verification form matches your legal business name (as opposed to any other names your company has been doing business as).
  • Q: How will I know when I’m Verified and ready to start sending SMS messages?
    • A: You’ll receive an email from your Account Manager letting you know. Your AM is also available to assist with any questions or issues as you’re getting started with sending your first messages.
  • Q: How can I confirm that a message was sent successfully to certain recipient(s)?
    • To get a high level idea of how many messages in a bulk send were successful, you can head anytime over into LMN Settings’ ‘SMS Notifications’ management screen, and click the ‘View History’ link to pull up a list of all your attempted SMS sends and their results:
      • When you’re reviewing the History, if you see any instances of a ‘Failure’ status, you can mouse over the status icon to bring up a tooltip that will give you more insight as to what went wrong.
    • If you want to confirm that a specific message was received by a certain customer, you can easily do this by heading into their Communication History. All SMS’s successfully sent via the LMN system are automatically added to the Communication History for each customer.
  • Q: Can I send these notifications by Email rather than by SMS?
    • A: Not yet, but in the future we do plan to release email notifications. If this is important to you, please let us know through Roadmap & Requests or by contacting your account manager.
  • Q: Can my customers reply to these SMS messages?
    • A: At this time there is no reply handling included with LMN’s SMS functionality — so if a customer replies to one of your text messages, that message will not be received by anyone in your company, nor will it appear in that customer’s Communication History. We recommend providing a phone number or email address that customers can contact you at, if they need to get in touch regarding a notification.
  • Q: Are my customers able to opt out from receiving LMN-generated SMS messages?
    • A: Yes. At any time, your customer can text ‘STOP’ back to the number you are sending SMS’s from, and their number will become ineligible for receiving your LMN-generated SMS’s. The first time you send a message to a customer, they will be automatically notified of this ability.
  • Q: Some of the messages I send seem to use multiple messages. Why is this?
    • A: The delivery partners that actually send the SMS’s generated via a system like LMN have very particular limits regarding lengths. Every 156 characters sent in a message counts as a message or segment charge -- even though this will often only appear as a single message to your customers. For example, using LMN you might generate a 250-character message, and would be possible for that message to count as 3 message charges. Typically messages are usually only one or two segments. You can use ‘View History,’ in your LMN SMS Notifications Settings page, to review how many segments have been sent.
  • Q: Can I keep my phone number if I cancel my SMS plan with LMN?
    • A: No. Unfortunately, when you cancel your plan, we release the phone number you selected to prevent any future charges.


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