SMS With LMN: A Guide to Opting In your Customers

In Canada and the United States, in order to send SMS messages to customers, you will need to be able to verify that those customers have opted in to receive electronic messages from you. Obtaining this consent must be done for each contact that will be receiving messages.

Below, we'll provide an opt-in script that your customer-facing team can use as a conversational guide when reaching out to a customer for SMS consent. Then, we'll go over the steps that you need to take to complete opting in that customer individually within your LMN CRM.

Step 1: Verbal Opt-In Script

Customer Service Representative: "As a part of our services we can send you SMS messages about upcoming visit reminders to your properties, scheduled appointment changes, post visit summaries, estimate and invoice availability. Message and data rates may apply, depending on your mobile phone service plan. At any time you can opt out completely by replying STOP.  Please confirm if you would like to opt into this service."

Customer: "Yes."

Customer Service Representative: "Thank you for confirming! Please let us know which phone number you would like to use to receive these text messages."

Customer: "555-555-5555."

Customer Service Representative: "Thank you! This number has been added to your customer file as the number on record to receive SMS messages. Again, as a reminder, you can opt out of receiving SMS messages from us any time by replying STOP to a message."

Step 2: Reflecting the Opt-In, and Adding the Recipient Phone Number, in your LMN CRM

  • After obtaining verbal opt-in from a customer, head over to their CRM Contact record and open up the Contacts tab showing individual contacts. Expand the name of the individual you just obtained consent from. 
  • Make sure that the phone number they provided consent for during the verbal opt-in conversation, is listed in either the 'Phone 1' or 'Phone 2' field. 
  • Since you've obtained consent verbally, you can use the 'Send SMS To' dropdown to change the value from 'Do Not SMS' to either 'Phone 1' or 'Phone 2,' depending on which of those fields contains the number that your customer provided while opting in.

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