Example SMS Message Templates

LMN-generated SMS messages can be used in all kinds of scenarios and for many different types of work. We've put together a few example templates to help you get started:

Pre-Visit Notification/Reminder Templates

Pre-Visit Notification (Multi-Purpose)

Great news {{ContactFirstName}}: we'll be on site to service {{JobsiteAddress}} on {{VisitDay}}. Any issues or requests, call us at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Lighting Service: Pre-Visit Notification

{{ContactFirstName}}: on {{VisitDay}}, we'll be at for lighting service. Please ensure your breaker panel is accessible. Special instructions? Let us know at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Irrigation Service: Pre-Visit Notification

Great news {{ContactFirstName}}: on {{VisitDay}}, we'll be on site at {{JobsiteAddress}} for irrigation service. Crews may need access to your water supply, so please ensure someone is home and available. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Mowing Visit: Pre-Visit Notification

Hi {{ContactFirstName}}, your mowing visit at {{JobsiteAddress}} is scheduled for {{VisitDay}}. Any special requests? Let us know at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Snow Event: Pre-Visit Notification

Hi {{ContactFirstName}}. A snow/ice event is forecast in your area. Our crews are actively preparing to be servicing our sites. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Weed Control: Pre-Visit Notification

Hi {{ContactFirstName}}, we'll be at {{JobsiteAddress}} on {{VisitDay}} for weed control. Please keep kids and pets away from technicians and turf areas. Questions, call us at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}.

Post-Visit Follow Up Templates

Warranty Work: Post-Visit Notification

Our crew has wrapped up at {{JobsiteAddress}} after addressing your warranty issues. Any questions? Call us at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Site Inspection: Post-Visit Notification

Your site inspection is done at {{JobsiteAddress}}! Any questions? Call us at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Snow Event: Post-Visit Notification

Hi {{ContactFirstName}}. Our snow crews have completed service(s) at {{JobsiteAddress}}. Stay safe, and stay warm! Cheers, {{CompanyName}}

Fertilizer Application: Post-Visit Notification

Your lawn at {{JobsiteAddress}} has been fertilized. We recommend not mowing the lawn for 24 to 48 hours. Any questions? Call us at {{CompanyPhone}}. Cheers, {{CompanyName}}


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