Crew 1.1 Release Notes

Crew Leads can now see their crew’s Efficiency Score within the LMN Crew App

In the recent Pro 23.12 update, we introduced the ability to use the LMN web app to set Efficiency Goals for different crew leads, and review a Crew’s Efficiency Score while looking at a timesheet.

As of this update, this insight is now unlocked for Crew users as well. A Crew Lead can see how efficiently their team is working — and compare the current Efficiency Score against the Efficiency Goal assigned to them — simply by bringing up the ‘Timesheet Details’ view within the Crew app.

Punch more quickly into Shop Time or Drive Time with the LMN Crew App

When you’re out working a busy maintenance route, every second spent punching into and out of jobs counts. For LMN contractors who have unbillable/unproductive (such as drive time, shop time, and time spent purchasing materials) set up as ‘Shop Jobs,’ we’ve made improvements to Crew that make it easier to pull up those jobs specifically after you’ve finished up a task:

  • When looking at your Dashboard you will now see a ‘+ Shop Time’ button.
  • Tapping this button will allow you to quickly bring up & punch into a shop job in one of three ways
    • Use the RECENT list to punch into a recently used drive time task.
    • Use the search bar to search for a job by name or address
    • Scroll through a list of your non-production jobs to find the correct job/task


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