Pro 24.04 Release Notes

Designate Acceptable Online Payment Methods at the LMN Account, CRM Contact, and Individual Invoice Levels

It’s a situation many of us know all too well: you’ve just finished a huge install job for a client, sent them a final project invoice, and they decide to pay by credit card — leaving you to cover a huge processing fee.

With the 24.04 update, LMN is putting the control in your hands. Now you can set account-wide acceptability rules for either credit card or ACH only payment methods, and customize/override those rules at the level of a CRM Contact or even an individual invoice.

Start by heading over into your ‘Portal and Payments’ Settings screen (make sure you have a connected Merchant Account). Here, you’ll be able to:

  • Toggle on/off acceptance of Credit or Debit online payments
  • Toggle on/off acceptance of ACH payments (NOTE: This is available only to LMN contractors located in the United States)
  • For either payment type if it is toggled on, you can additionally restrict that acceptance to invoices totaling over or under a set amount.
    • If there is a range of invoice values that are blocked from being handled online via either payment method due to your restrictions, LMN will show a warning dialog to flag this.
    • Ranges will apply to the post-tax total of invoices, as opposed to invoices' pre-tax amounts or payments. 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 175116.pngThis universal setting can also be overridden at the level of any Contact within your LMN CRM. This can be helpful in a situation where, for example, you have a customer whose credit payments have faced processing issues in the past but you’d still like to welcome other payment types from them.
Screenshot 2024-03-11 184611.pngAt an Invoice level, the accepted payment types that populate by default will be pulled in from your universal settings, or from the Contact-level settings if you’ve done any overriding at that level:
Screenshot 2024-03-11 185609.pngUsing the green “Edit” button, you can override the payment types accepted for this invoice specifically. This is useful for situations where (for example) you wouldn’t usually accept a certain payment type, but you’ve spoken with the customer about this specific job and decided to grant an exemption.
Screenshot 2024-03-11 185624.png


Not set up to accept Credit Cards or ACH (ACH is US Only) in LMN yet? It's easy to get started! Register here. 


Create an Invoice for Standard work that reflects Estimate item taxability

Whether you are creating your standard invoice by work area, cost code, or what was on your estimate, you now have the ability to break out an invoice item into taxable and non-taxable lines (similar to what you can currently do with most types of Service invoices from an estimate):
image (2).png

If you want to disable splitting line items by taxability for a certain contract, you may do so by toggling off the 'Split Milestones by Tax Status' checkbox (it will default to On for Standard contracts):

Screenshot 2024-04-09 193612.png


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